Kim Nakhyun is absent? You know Bellangel!

Kim Nak-hyun was absent. Sam Josef Belangel filled the gap perfectly.

Daegu Korea Gas Corporation defeated Busan KCC 100-98 in a home game held at Daegu Gymnasium on Saturday. It was the first overtime victory since its foundation.

The winners are Andrew Nicholson, who scored 36 points and 13 rebounds, and Shin Seung-min, who scored a three-point shot to end the game, (12 points and four rebounds). Belangel is an indispensable player.

Bellangel played 42 minutes and 57 seconds on the day, recording 26 points, five assists and two steals. He played for the longest period of time among the Korea Gas Corporation players.

Kang Hyuk, acting head coach of Korea Gas Corporation, said ahead of the game that day, “Even if it is difficult for Bellangel, he should do well in reading.” Bellangel met those expectations.

Kim Nak-hyun cannot play due to knee pain. Because of this, Belangel had to play a lot of time.

Bellangel, who scored eight points in the first quarter, failed to score in the second quarter.

He scored again in the third quarter. Belangel scored a 3-pointer to kick off the chase when Korea Gas Corp. trailed 38-52.

It was regrettable to see that the team hurriedly threw a three-point shot from a long distance when the team tied the game 60-62 at the end of the third quarter. For this reason, the team allowed counterattacks and ended the third quarter 60-64 games 월카지노도메인.

At the end of the fourth quarter, he played enough to make up for it.

After trailing 75-80 with 3:22 left, Korea Gas Corporation narrowed it down to 78-80 thanks to Andrew Nicholson’s 3-pointer. All nine points scored by Korea Gas Corporation came from Bellangel’s hands until the end of the fourth quarter, when the score was 87-87 and tied.

Baekmi got a foul from Heo Woong with 0.4 seconds left and made 2 of 3 free throws to lead him to overtime.

Bellangel scored four points in the closing minutes of extra time to pave the way for a come-from-behind victory. Moreover, he passed a pass that drew out Shin Seung-min’s 3-pointer with 2.6 seconds left.

Acting head coach Kang Hyuk praised Belangel for focusing until the end, saying, “All the players did well, but it must have been very difficult, but thank you for enduring and reading well.”

Shin Seung-min said, “I want to say that Belangel did a really good job through this interview,” adding, “I want to say that Belangel did a good job to the extent that it would not be strange even if he came here (official press conference).”

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