Lucky left-handed hitter Lee Jung-hoo has only four left-handed starters in the NL West

In baseball, left-handed hitters and left-handers play a decisive role in the match.

If you look at the Major League’s overall rankings, you can compare the performance of the left and right hands with that of the season. This is because the left-hander is important. The reason why a baseball player is turned into a right-handed left-handed batter and a switch-hitter is because of the left-handed opponent.

The Baltimore Orioles in the American League East had the most wins on their left-handers in the last season. In this season’s 101 wins and 61 losses (winning rate of 0.623), the left-hander has 36 wins and 17 losses, which is higher than the left-hander with a winning rate of 0.679.

Only three teams have won more than 30 games against left-handers during the 2023 regular season. They include the Baltimore Orioles, the San Francisco Giants (30-20), and the Philadelphia Phillies (30-21). The Giants are the only team that failed to advance to the postseason due to a win rate of less than 50 percent.

Lee Jung-hoo, who signed a six-year, $113 million contract with the Giants, is a left-handed hitter at a table setter. Gabe Kepler, who was fired due to poor performance, turned into a top hitter based on left-right wingers. Kepler was a believer in the platoon system 마카오카지노. The new manager Bob Melvin is an old school type and does not cling to the platoon system. If he had a high batting average and on-base percentage, he would be hired as a top hitter. This is why Kim Ha-sung was hired as a top hitter in the second half of the year.

Left-handed hitters reveal weaknesses in left-handedness. If they overcome this, they become fixed-handed ones who are not picky with left and right hands. Choi Ji-man was eligible for platooning with the Tampa Bay Rays, Pittsburgh Pirates, and San Diego Padres. The LA Dodgers recruited veteran left-handed James Paxton with a one-year contract even after the starting rotation was completed, because the team is focused on right-handedness.

Lee Jung-hoo, who will make his MLB debut this year, is rather lucky. It is because left-hander selection is not prominent in the western district. The Dodgers secured one left-hander by recruiting Paxton. Last season, two top left-handers, including Cy Young-sang pitcher Clayton Kershaw and Julio Urías, kept the rotation. It is unclear when Kershaw, a free agent, will return due to shoulder surgery. Urías will not be able to return to MLB this year due to domestic violence.

The Arizona Diamondbacks acquired Eduardo Rodriguez for four years and 80 million U.S. dollars to reinforce their left-hander. He is the best left-hander in the Western District. He has one left-hander in the starting rotation like the Dodgers. The San Diego Padres currently have no left-hander candidate. They are right-handed. There are two Colorado Rockies, the lowest ranking team in the Western District. They are Kyle Freeland (6 wins, 14 losses and 5.03) and Austin Gombo (9 wins, 9 losses and 5.50).

Lee was not picky with left and right hands in the KBO league. No pitcher threatened him. In a private meeting, Lee said, “There is no difficulty for a pitcher in the KBO league.” However, the MLB stage where the world’s best players compete is different. It is not easy to effectively attack left-handers as left-handed hitters.

How they adapt themselves to spring training exhibition games is important. The opening series of the Giants is four consecutive away games with the San Diego Padres and three consecutive away games with the Los Angeles Dodgers.

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