Why do you call the men’s basketball team’s preliminary list? …”I don’t see any willingness to innovate.”

Some in the basketball community are criticizing the list of the men’s national team, which was recently announced by the Korea Basketball Association. He does not mean sarcastically about the composition of the players on the list, but rather points out the behavior of the association.

The association announced the list in a press release on the 23rd, saying, “After approving the appointment of coach Ahn Joon-ho and coach Seo Dong-cheol as the new coaching staff for the men’s national team through the board of directors, we held a performance improvement committee to select 24 preliminary entries.” The association is scheduled to participate in the “2025 Asia Cup Qualifying WINDOW-1” competition to be held from February 22nd to 25th after compressing it to the final entry of 12 players at the end of this month. The announcement of the list drew attention as it was the first step since it suffered a “catastrophic disaster,” the seventh-highest record ever at the Hangzhou Asian Games last year.

It was all the more so because the association had high expectations that the association would use the Hangzhou disaster as a teaching tool to demonstrate its commitment to massive innovation. However, complaints are pouring out first that it is “as expected.”

As the association, which suffered the worst “Hangzhou disaster” in the history of Korean basketball, has newly launched the “Anjunho Lake,” it is showing no willingness to suggest the blueprint or direction of Korean basketball that will change. “Looking at the announcement of the list, let alone reflect on the situation after the Hangzhou disaster, we have no idea what kind of criteria and philosophy the team has come up with,” an A-team official said. “Many people have doubts about the selection of the Tendency Committee, which was held as soon as the selection of the coach was completed, as no transparent review has been made available.” Another official said, “It seems that the committee has simply selected 24 players who are performing well in the ongoing professional basketball season. I don’t have much impression on them.”

In fact, the association announced the list, saying, “Park Moo-bin (Hyundai Mobis), who was selected as the second pick in the first round of the 2023 rookie draft, and Oh Jae-hyun (SK) and Han Hee-won (KT), who are active in their teams in the 2023-2024 season, were listed on the 24-member list, but there was no specific explanation such as expressing their will to wear to the new national team.”

If each club desperately reflected on the disaster, it was hoped that the association would start anew by communicating head-to-head with outside clubs and basketball players, but the process of announcing the list seems even more disappointing in that it only followed the old trend.

There are also some cautious views. “As the number of players has to be reduced to 12 anyway, it is premature to give significant meaning to the 24 players in reserve. As the WINDOW-1 opponent is Australia, we need to see the direction of the new team, focusing on height,” said an official from the B team 라바카지노주소.

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