KB coach Kim Wan-soo “I hope our players will learn the earnestness of Japanese players”

“I hope our players learn the earnestness of Japanese players메이저사이트.”

Cheongju KB Stars will participate in the ‘W League Summer Camp 2023 in Takasaki’ held at the Takasaki Arena in Gunma Prefecture from the 15th as an invited team along with Shinhan Bank Sbird in Incheon. 

KB Stars, who entered Japan on the 13th to participate in the tournament, had adaptation training in the morning and afternoon of the 14th, and will have their first match against Yamanashi Queen Biz at 11:00 am on the 15th. 

KB Stars coach Kim Wan-soo, who met at Takasaki Arena on the 14th, said, “(Park) Ji-soo and (Kang) Seul-i came in to train, but it’s been a day or two. We put emphasis on it. When Jisoo and Seul Lee went to the national team, there was something we put together, but (tactics) can’t be the same when Jisoo is there and when we play each other.”

He continued, “Because we have to use Jisoo anyway, we focused on that part and told the kids and got it right. Our season ended in early March. Prior to that, Jisoo was out of the season due to a finger injury, so we couldn’t match it for more than half a year. The team is gathering and working hard to match that part more.” 

Park Ji-soo, the best center in Korea, has suffered panic disorder outside of the game and has not been able to show normal performance in recent years. If it is a common ankle injury or back injury, if it is visible, we will respond somehow, but it is not easy for KB Stars and the players because they are complaining of difficulties in the psychological part. 

Coach Kim Wan-soo said, “(Panic disorder) has not yet been cured, and there are times when my condition goes down. At that time, I take a little break and do my best. I tend to control myself well. I have greed for basketball. We do our best when we come, so we are adjusting that part while looking at the situation,” he explained about Park Ji-soo’s condition recently.

Unlike Shinhan Bank participating in this summer camp after having practice matches with Japanese W-League teams, KB Stars will continue training in Japan with chanson, Aisin, and Taiwanese national team in practice matches after participating in the summer camp. 

Coach Kim said, “Winning is important in summer camp, but we are going to focus on how we should do in the upcoming season and what parts we need to adjust more. We have to attack, and when there is an index, we have to use it more to get a lot of effects derived from it. So we talk a lot about that part to the players.”

Lastly, he said, “I want our players to learn the attitude of Japanese players. Of course, our players work hard and play with earnestness on the court. I think it’s high, so I think that if players see a lot of things like that and report their mindset and attitude, they will be able to develop further.”

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