Henderson-Favinho replacement is ’19-year-old genius MF’… 85.5 billion won

Liverpool are in a hurry to sign additional midfielders.

British media ‘Talk Sports’ reported on the 14th (Korean time)스포츠토토, “Liverpool is aiming to recruit Romeo Rabia in preparation for the departure of Jordan Henderson and Fabinho.”

Signing midfielders is one of Liverpool’s top goals this summer. Liverpool announced a major reform early on, saying goodbye to James Milner, Oxlade Chamberlain and Naby Keita.

It also worked quickly. They succeeded in reinforcing the midfield by recruiting high-quality midfielders such as Alexis McAllister and Dominique Soboslei one after another.

The midfield reinforcement is not over. The dominant analysis is that at least two more are needed. Because the future of Henderson and Fabinho is uncertain, additional midfielders are essential.

Henderson and Fabinho are likely to leave Liverpool this summer. The transfer is becoming a fait accompli while receiving huge offers from Al Etipark and Al Ittihad, respectively.

Liverpool are also starting to prepare for their farewell. Reports suggest that Liverpool are willing to pay 60 million euros (about 85.5 billion won) to sign Rabia this summer.

Rabia is evaluated as a talent that will grow into a top player in the future. The dominant opinion is that his physical condition, passing ability, and dribbling ability are not lacking to play for a big club.

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