“My wife is a fan” “How much is FA?”… Ohtani was definitely the ‘star of all-stars’

 Los Angeles Angels’ ‘unicorn’ Shohei Ohtani was also treated as the메이저사이트 best star in the All-Star Game.

On the 12th (Korean time), Ohtani played as the American League designated hitter in the 2023 Major League All-Star Game held at T-Mobile Park in Seattle, Washington, USA. Ohtani has been elected to the All-Star Game for the third consecutive year since 2021, and this year he became the top voter in the American League fan vote.

In this All-Star Game, the National League and the American League stopped the 9-game winning streak and won 3-2 for the first time in 11 years. Elias Dias’ come-from-behind two-run throw in the 8th inning led the National League to victory, and Dias was named MVP of the All-Star Game for the first time in his career. Ohtani had no hits and one walk in one at-bat.

But the real ‘star of the stars’ was Ohtani. Ohtani, who led the major leagues in home runs this year (32 homers) and won 7 victories as a starting pitcher, is the player everyone wants. While many teams wanted Ohtani, who will become a free agent at the end of this season, the Seattle Mariners fans, who were the ‘hosts’ of the All-Star Game, chanted “Come to seattle” to Ohtani, drawing attention.

Fans weren’t the only ones excited to see Ohtani. Even the players, who are difficult to talk to during regular games, took a thrilling step to meet Ohtani at the All-Star Game, which was not a competition but a festival. “I’d most like to see Ohtani at the All-Star Game,” said Oakland Athletics outfielder Brent Rooker.

Outfielder Robert Lewis Jr. (Chicago White Sox), who is chasing Ohtani for second place in American League home runs, said, “I’m looking forward to working with Ohtani because he is one of the best players in the world.” Los Angeles Dodgers infielder Freddie Freeman expressed his family’s excitement, saying, “I feel like participating in the All-Star game when it’s the seventh time is for the kids now. My oldest son, Charlie, said he wanted to meet Ohtani.”

“Ohtani is the most phenomenal player I’ve ever seen,” said Houston Astros manager Dusty Baker, who coached the American League team at the All-Star Game. He hits a home run,” he said, adding, “At that time, when I saw my wife, Melissa, in the stands, she was taking pictures of Ohtani.”

“I’m always surprised when I see Ohtani. I know what it takes to play as a hitter. I know how to practice and how to play every day. But Ohtani also pitches every five days. That’s something I can’t understand.” And I can’t even imagine how to evaluate it and decide the amount,” he said, expressing his curiosity about Ohtani’s free agent amount, which is expected to be at least 500 million dollars.

Meanwhile, former New York Yankees legend Derek Jeter appeared on a special All-Star broadcast and said, “I can understand the logic that the Angels should trade Ohtani, but it will be difficult to execute. If they do, who should they recruit? It would be unacceptable for the Ohtani trade to fail. If I were the owner, I wouldn’t want to be branded as the person who released Ohtani in a trade.” also gave out

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