Head coach Yun Ho-jin responded with a smile to the cool performance, “Thank you to the players who followed me well.”

Yonsei University’s performance was enough to make coach Yun Ho-jin laugh메이저사이트.

Yonsei University, led by coach Yun Ho-jin, won 85-49 against Hanyang University in the 39th MBC Cup College Basketball Championship Sangju held on the 14th at the new building of Sangju Gymnasium.

It was Yonsei University’s complete victory that brought a smile to coach Ho-jin Yun’s face. In the first quarter, Hanyang University struggled with a quick attack, but in the third quarter, they won with an overwhelming advantage (20-7). At the end of the game, Lee Chae-hyung and Lee Ju-young were put in to score and celebrate the victory.

Coach Yun Ho-jin said, “Even in the first game, there were many inexperienced players rather than players who were bad, so they tended to see the situation in front of them easily. Still, he saw his growth to the next level as he overcame the hurdle by blocking the pursuit of Kyung Hee University. He was disappointed in his response to the opponent’s fast attack in the first half, but it was good that he did not come out in the second half.”

The approval of Yonsei University that day was an accurate 3-point shot. Yonsei University greatly outperformed its opponents in both the number of successful 3-pointers (13-6) and success rate (39%-26%).

Coach Yun Ho-jin said, “There are times when a shot goes in and sometimes it doesn’t. We are focusing on defense and rebounding. Today (14th), the defense and rebounding were good, so I had one more shot chance,” he laughed.

Also, at the end of the game, Lee Ju-young and Lee Chae-hyeong were put in to play a comeback match, which was a double congratulation from Yonsei University’s point of view. Both players appeared on the court and scored with confident plays like fish in water, as if they had waited.

Coach Yun Ho-jin said, “Both players started this exercise, and they kept appealing to me saying they were ready. Knowing the playstyles of those players in the past, there are parts of me that are worried. I didn’t think there would be a game that went so easily, but it was nice to be able to give him time to adapt to the court.”

He then added a cautious stance, saying, “Still, I will try to suppress my desire to participate as much as possible.”

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