“Japanese version of Kim Kang-min’s scandal” has been prevented… “One Club Man” Wada, Softbank will remain

Tsuyoshi Wada (43), the Japanese professional baseball player, will remain at Softbank. The Japanese version of “Kim Kang-min” eventually did not happen.

Japanese media, including Nikkan Sports, reported on the 11th that the Seibu Lions nominated Hiroshi Kaino (28) as a compensator for FA infielder Hotaga Yamakawa.

Kaino, who joined Softbank as the No. 1 rookie draft pick in 2019, pitched 42 ⅔ in 46 games last year, recording 3 wins, 1 loss, 8 holds, 2 saves, and 2.53 ERA.

Kaino pitched in the seventh inning of the 2019 Premier 12 final and struck out Kang Baek-ho (KT) with a fastball of 158 kilometers per hour, a face familiar to Korean fans.

As Kaino headed to Seibu, one-club man Tsuyoshi Wada (43) remained at Softbank.

Earlier, Nikkan Sports reported that Wada, a veteran pitcher who played as a “one club man” only at Softbank, will move to a compensation player, causing a big stir in the Japanese baseball world.

Wada joined Daiei Softbank in 2003, and is a pitcher who has never left the team except when he entered the U.S. (2012-2015). Wada also won six Japan Series titles in 2003, 2011, and 2017-2020.

Wada recorded 150 wins and 81 losses in 305 games in the Japanese league until last year, all of which were written only by Softbank. Wada also recorded eight wins and six losses with an ERA of 3.24 in 100 innings in 21 games last year.

Fans strongly protested that Wada, who still has skills despite his old age, is moving to a compensation player for Hotaka Yamakawa, who was dismissed for sexual assault. Seibu seems to have turned to Kaino as public opinion has not been good.

Recently, there has been a similar controversy in Korea. 월카지노주소

Earlier, SSG excluded Kim Kang-min from the protected player before the second draft held in November last year, and Hanwha selected him in the third round to confirm his transfer.

Kim Kang-min was also a “one club man” who debuted in 2002 and played 22 seasons in only one team until 2023, but he wore a new uniform shortly after his retirement.

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