Japanese ace Gubo Gubo greets “best friend” Lee Kang-in, “Let’s meet in the final.”

Japan’s national soccer team ace Kubo (23, Real Sociedad) greeted his “best friend” Lee Kang-in (23, Paris Saint-Germain) by saying, “Let’s meet in the final.”

The Japanese media “Sakadigist” reported in an interview with Gubo in Qatar on the 12th (Korea time), “Gubo told Lee Kang-in, ‘Let’s both Japan and Korea go up to the top of the group and meet in the final.'”

At the 2022 FIFA Qatar World Cup, Gubo had cheered his friend, saying to Lee Kang-in, “I hope you will show your full ability and produce good results.”

Lee Kang-in and Gubo, who were born in 2001, grew up in Valencia and Barcelona (Spain) youth teams at the age of 11, respectively, and were called the “future” of Korean-Japanese soccer.

Since then, the two have grown together in Spain as the main stage and have been rivals. In 2021, they moved to Mallorca (Spain) side by side and shared the same team as a competitor and a team member.

The two, who will participate in the 2023 Asian Cup of Asian Football Confederation (AFC) Qatar as a team ace, are considered key players who will lead South Korea and Japan to the top 라바카지노주소.

Kubo, who topped the market value among Asian players with 60 million euros (about 86.1 billion won), is one of the best stars of the tournament, and “Cleanman Lake” ace Lee Kang-in has also recently shown off his peak skills in his team and the national team.

If both Korea and Japan pass the group stage as the group’s top spot, as Kubo wishes, the two teams will not meet until the final.

As the two teams are considered strong candidates for the championship, there is a good chance that the two best friends will face off for the national championship trophy in the final. Soccer Digest is paying attention, saying, “It’s like a cartoon story when the two reunite in the final.”

In addition, when Korea and Japan meet in the final, the two will meet again as enemies in their team just four days later.

The Asian Cup final will be held on February 11, as their teams Paris Saint-Germain (France) and Real Sociedad (Spain) will face off in the round of 16 of the 2023-24 UEFA Champions League (UCL) and play their first match on February 15.

Kubo looked forward to facing Lee Kang-in with a joke, “If Japan wins the Asian Cup, it will be okay to draw the first round of the round of 16.”

When the showdown was confirmed in the UCL draw, the two tagged each other on SNS and engaged in a playful war of nerves.

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