“Four third graders + six second graders.” Why did Seongnam Middle School select 11 first graders?

“I wanted to have infinite competition”

Most middle and high school basketball teams have winter training from January. They participate in stove leagues in various regions, or they work out on their own. They focus on “improving their sense of performance” or “strengthening their physical strength.”

The same applies to the basketball team of Seongnam Middle School. He is trying to adjust his physical stamina for winter training. He is also checking basic skills needed for actual training and building a sense of actual training.

However, Seongnam Middle School is experiencing difficulties. This is because Seongnam Middle School Gymnasium has begun construction. So Seongnam Middle School has to build a sense of practice at other schools.

Coach Koo Byung-doo, who is coaching Seongnam Middle School, said, “I play practice games with other schools in the Seoul metropolitan area. Since the gym is under construction, I’m going to go to the training camp for a long time.”

After that, he added, “Most of the student players came from youth clubs. Physical training and a sense of practice are important, but basic training is really important.”

Seongnam Middle School, which cannot use the gymnasium, will hold training camp in Sangju from the 22nd to February 2nd. It will participate in the Stove League from the 26th to the 30th. After that, it will focus on schools in the Seoul metropolitan area, practice games, and sense of actual performance.

Coach Koo Byung-doo said, “Since I did basic things at school, I will emphasize tactics in the off-season training. I personally like fast basketball, so I plan to focus on fastballs and early offensives. And I’m going to order basketball that moves without patterns from the players,” delivering his offensive tactics first.

“In the past, we only needed to be good at one-on-one defense. But now, one-on-one defense is a given. We also need good defense in which five players, including assist defense and rotation defense, move organically. That’s why we’re preparing a lot for team defense,” he added in defense strategy.

Meanwhile, the composition of Seongnam Middle School players is slightly different from that of other schools. There are four and six applicants for the third and second graders, respectively, but there are a whopping 11 applicants for freshmen. Seongnam Middle School is only allowed to train five to five new students. 랭크카지노주소

“Of course, all the athletes who work out will do their best. But I wanted to have them compete indefinitely,” coach Koo said. “I want to instill the mindset that athletes who are not proud and sincere can play at any time,” he said, explaining the meaning of selecting new students.

The key, however, is senior players. “Park Ji-hwan, who has been playing as the mainstay since last year, is the key. As the No. 1 player, he can manage the game and has shooting ability,” coach Koo Byung-doo said, considering Park Ji-hwan as the core of his team.

Coach Koo Byung-doo said, “We need to support other juniors, including Park Eun-yul, Seo Jang-joon, and Lee Jung-min. This winter is also important for three juniors. Because I started playing basketball late and started winter training for the first time, it is time for me to develop. However, if they improve, the team as a whole will get better,” stressing the importance of the third grader.

Lastly, I hope to get good results in every competition, but the mindset of learning is more important. I also think that the ‘growth’ of players is important,” he said in expressing his commitment for this season. He emphasized the words ‘learning’ and ‘growth’ as his key points.

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