“It is difficult to reply”… Nam Hyun-hee, the silence getting longer

As suspicions surrounding former national fencing team member굿모닝토토 주소 Nam Hyun-hee (42)’s remarriage partner, businessman Jeon Cheong-jo (27) spread, Nam Hyun-hee’s silence is lengthening. It is revealed that Mr. Jeon, who was introduced as ‘her husband’, is a woman, and curiosity about his criminal record is growing, but Nam Hyun-hee remains silent when asked to confirm the facts.

Munhwa Ilbo attempted to call Nam Hyun-hee several times on the 25th, but she did not respond. Her text message requesting coverage was answered with, ‘It’s difficult to reply right now, so I’ll contact you later.’ It is understood that she has applied for an automatic response function to her subsequent requests for coverage.

Mr. Jeon already has several fraud convictions. According to the ruling of the 4th Criminal Appeal Division of the Incheon District Court (Chief Judge Ko Young-gu), Ms. Jeon, a woman born in 1996, was indicted on fraud charges and sentenced to two years and three months in prison on December 11, 2020. In addition, it was confirmed that Mr. Jeon stole money from the victims by deceiving himself as the illegitimate child of a conglomerate chairman.

She is said to have met with Nam Hyun-hee and Jeon, who approached her saying, “She wants to learn fencing.” She later developed a business relationship with Mr. Jeon, who was interested in the business of Nam Hyun-hee, who ran a fencing club, and developed into her lover.

Nam Hyun-hee announced on her SNS last August that she had a new lover along with the news of her divorce, and she announced her marriage through an interview with a women’s magazine on the 23rd. However, as various suspicions surrounding Mr. Jeon emerged after this report, Nam Hyun-hee warned, “We plan to respond strongly if false information is spread through posts containing false, malicious, or false information through recently reported articles,” and Mr. Jeon “He is the person who was reported along with Nam Hyun-hee. “We plan to respond strongly if false information is spread due to stories about me or posts containing malicious or false information,” she said.

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