G-Dragon, booked without detention on drug charges… Spreading controversy in the entertainment industry

Singer Kwon Ji-yong from the popular group Big Bang, best known as G-Dragon, was booked by the police on charges of drug use. The celebrity drug case currently being investigated by the police, which is a separate case from the case of actor Lee Sun-kyun, who was previously booked, has grown into two branches.

This is reporter Seung-Hoon Choi.


The drug crime investigation unit of the Incheon Police Agency is investigating G-Dragon and Kwon Ji-yong from the group Big Bang on charges of violating the law on drug management.

The police explained that it was a separate case, saying that Mr. Kwon was not included in the eight people being investigated in the case of actor Lee Sun-kyun.

However, the police said, “As this is an ongoing investigation토토사이트, specific details cannot be revealed.”

Mr. Kwon smoked marijuana in Japan in May 2011, and as a result of a hair test conducted by prosecutors, the result was positive, and the indictment was suspended.

The police are said to have obtained a drug-related statement from Mr. Kwon from the manager of a Gangnam entertainment establishment who was arrested earlier.

Following Seon-gyun Lee, clues to the drug use of Mr. Kwon were also captured through a statement from the manager of an entertainment establishment.

It is known that celebrities and third generation chaebols were regular customers of the entertainment establishment.

[Entertainment business official: If a group of 4 comes, the basic fee is more than 10 million won, so how can an ordinary person come? Even ordinary office workers and most company executives cannot come.]

Accordingly, the police are expanding their investigation to see if there are more celebrities who have taken drugs besides Lee and Kwon.

The police plan to summon Mr. Lee soon and conduct a reagent test to check whether he has taken drugs.

Mr. Lee’s lawyer said that he would cooperate with the police investigation and that Mr. Lee would personally state his position when he appears before the investigative agency.

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