I sold a stock worth 100 won for 27,000 won… ‘Gangster Fraud’ with an ax

A person who sold a stock worth 100 won for 27,000 won, saying that it would at least double or triple once it went public, was caught. A total of 11 billion won was stolen from more than 800 victims, and when another organization tried to take away a member who was good at sales메이저사이트, he threatened with a hatchet.

This is reporter Choi Ji-woo.


A man with an ax approaches.

He also had a knife in his other hand.

He is the leader of a gangster who led a stock fraud group.

He was there to intimidate someone from another organization who was trying to steal an employee with a good track record of fraud.

This boss scammed about 50 members of the organization.

The victims were tricked into believing that the stocks of three companies that did not meet the listing conditions would soon be listed.

[Criminal gang member/Contrition at the time: I’ll give you a guide on the last sale to be listed on the KOSDAQ in the second half of this year


And they said it was cheaper too.

[Criminal gang member/Contrition at the time: Trade in the middle and late half of 20,000 won outside the market. Because I received it at a unit price direct from the company. (Yes.) You can buy it from us for 15,000 won per week.]

The victim who put in the 40 million won severance pay did not get a single penny back.

[Investment Victim: If listed, you will now be able to see a significant 4- to 5-fold gain… It really felt like the sky was falling.]

About 860 victims were deceived in this way, and 11 billion won was ripped off.

Scammers used the stolen money to pile up at home to buy expensive watches and drugs.

The police sent 51 people per day to the prosecution and arrested the gang leader and 10 members.

In addition, it was considered that they had formed a criminal organization, and for some of them, more criminal organization crimes were applied.

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