“Depressed son, broke up with his girlfriend and drank”… Five-fold crash perpetrator father ‘appeal’

A story was told that the father of a man in his 20s who had a 5-fold crash due to reverse driving while drinking alcohol was pleading for mercy because of his son’s depression메이저사이트.

On the 9th, a video of an accident that occurred on a road in Suseong-gu, Daegu was uploaded on the YouTube channel ‘Han Moon-chul TV’ run by Han Moon-cheol, a lawyer specializing in traffic accidents, on May 31 at 4:00 pm.

In the video, while victim A was waiting for a signal on the first lane, a vehicle suddenly drove in reverse on the opposite first lane and crashed into Mr. A’s car as it was.

Mr. A explained about the video, “It was an incident in which a driver in his 20s drove in the opposite direction due to drunken driving and collided five times, including me and the perpetrator.”

Mr. A was diagnosed with 6 weeks of total displacement due to rib fractures, concussions, and other sprains due to this accident.

Mr. A expressed dissatisfaction with the perpetrator’s attitude. Mr. A said, “The perpetrator’s father called twice, apologized, and continued to speak and act to defend his son, such as ‘My son was usually depressed’ and ‘I broke up with my girlfriend and drank.'”

However, Mr. A said, “As my daily life was destroyed by drunk driving, I want the perpetrator to be punished appropriately.” ) and reported it in order to receive an appropriate and severe punishment.”

Attorney Han Moon-cheol, who watched the video, raised his voice, saying, “If you have depression, can you drink and drive?”

At the same time, he emphasized, “It should not end with a fine. If the son makes a sincere apology and receives forgiveness from all the victims, not the father’s apology, I don’t know if it will be lenient, but if not, it should be severely punished.”

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