Acquaintances of female assault bodybuilders “Spit and assault even in school days”

The past of a former bodybuilder who severely injured a woman who had a dispute over parking in a shopping mall parking lot was revealed. On the 9th, in an online community메이저사이트 , an interview

with former bodybuilder A, a 30-year-old male alumnus from SBS ‘Inquisitive Story Y’, was captured and posted.

According to the interview, former bodybuilder A’s alumni said, “As soon as I saw the video, I immediately knew who it was. A lot of kids have been right since I was in school.” She then added, “Whether it’s a man or a woman, they assault them by first grabbing them by the head or by the collar. They always spit at the end.”

As in the remarks, in the video of Mr. A’s assault scene, which was released in ‘Curious Story Y’ and ‘Han Mun-cheol’s Black Box Review’, Mr. A assaulted Mr. B and then spat at the end.

Alumni also said, “He took her weapon and said he would kill her girlfriend at the time. If her girlfriend didn’t like her, she also assaulted her.” Then, when the PD asked , “Why do you think the perpetrator was beating you?”, the alumni said, “It’s nothing special” and “It just seemed like they were hitting me for fun.”

Meanwhile, Mr. A is accused of assaulting Mr. B (30s, female) in the parking lot of an apartment complex in Namdong-gu, Incheon around 11:00 am on May 20th.

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