Gaepozai apartment locked due to heavy rain… What if it comes to obesity?

On the 11th, when it rained heavily, the Gaepo Xi Residence complex in Gangnam-gu was flooded.

On this day메이저사이트, several photos of the flooding site of Gaepo Xi were shared on online communities and cafes in the apartment.

Around 3:00 p.m., as heavy rain poured down, the footpaths were filled with water up to the ankles, and apartment community facilities, such as Zaian, were flooded.

Some residents even scooped up rainwater from underground parking lots and lobbies with cleaning tools

Gaepo Xi Residence, which started moving in last February, is a large complex with 3,375 households, and the sale price is well over 2 to 3 billion won per area.The apartment was also embroiled in controversy over poor construction last month due to leaks and flood damage.At the time, 

GS Construction explained that “rainwater flowed into the underground parking lot as sediment accumulated in the drainage canal.”

GS E &C has explained that this damage is also a phenomenon caused by low land, not a construction defect, and that it is investigating the exact cause.


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