‘Indiscriminate assault’ bodybuilder… Court rejects warrant for “no fear of flight”

In May, a former bodyfielder assaulted a woman after a parking dispute. He grabbed her by the hair and punched her and kicked her. We also gave it to you at this time. The crime scene was recorded intact, and many netizens were outraged. Let’s see.

[Assailant/former bodybuilder: Hey, XX ah메이저사이트where are you teasing your mouth?]

[Assailant’s wife: Oppa, stop. stop. Stop!]

Later, the police applied for an arrest warrant for this man. the court dismissed it.


As in the video, a tall man hit a woman and cursed at her, and she was scared. Why was she not arrested?


This man appeared at the Incheon District Court yesterday. Prior to arrest, the suspect was interrogated. In the redemption review, various factors are considered to determine whether or not to be detained. An arrest warrant is issued mainly when there is a high possibility of escaping or destroying evidence. Yesterday, the court revealed the reason for the dismissal, saying that it is difficult to see that there is a risk of escape or destruction of evidence. It explained that the decision was made in light of the suspect’s residence and occupation, family relationships, evidence collection status, testimony attitude, and attendance conditions.


I can’t say the online reaction is 100% correct, but I think the reaction that expected restraint was great.


Some netizens responded, “The victim seems to be so afraid that it is difficult to go out.” This is because the arrest warrant review does not cover guilt or innocence. If new evidence comes out or if there is a risk of retaliation, you can apply for an arrest warrant again. The man as well as his wife were charged with co-injury. The police plan to continue investigating the couple further.

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