“24 unemployment benefits in the same workplace?”… Party and government, ‘lowering the lower limit and checking illegal supply and demand’

The power of the people and the government fix the unemployment benefit system, which receives more than the salary earned by working. In order to solve the ‘reversal phenomenon’메이저사이트 that overtakes after-tax benefits, opinions were agreed on lowering or abolishing the lower limit of payment and adjusting the payment period. In addition, it was decided to strengthen special inspections and planning investigations on fraudulent unemployment benefits.

People’s Power Labor Reform Special Committee suggested fundamental institutional improvements, such as abolishing the lower limit and adjusting the benefit period, at the ‘Democratic Party Government Public Hearing for Unemployment Benefit System Improvement’ held at the National Assembly on the 12th. It is pointed out that the unemployment benefit system, which supports the re-employment of the unemployed, has deviated from its original role and is becoming a cause of ‘unfairness’ in the labor market.

At the public hearing that day, Chairman Park Dae-dae of the Policy Committee said, “Since 2017, when the Moon Jae-in administration was in office, the minimum wage has been drastically raised every year and unemployment benefit security has been expanded in 2019. He pointed out, “There are even cases where people receive unemployment benefits 24 times in the same workplace.” At the same time, he emphasized, “We need to create a fair labor market where those who work hard are given preferential treatment and those who try to find a job again are protected.”

Rep. Lim Ja-ja, chairman of the Special Labor Reform Committee, said, “Last year, the minimum wage worker’s monthly after-tax earned income was 1,799,800 won, which is less than the minimum monthly unemployment benefit of 1,847,040 won. It has become a form of earning more than that,” he said. In addition, it was pointed out that the number of repeated recipients receiving unemployment benefits three or more times over five years increased by 24.4%, and the reemployment rate of unemployment benefit recipients during the receiving period was also low.

At the same time, Rep. Lim criticized, “There is public opinion criticizing that we take more care of grasshoppers than working ants,” and “the unfair unemployment benefit system is shaking the foundation of the employment insurance system.”

Vice Minister of Employment and Labor Lee Seong-hee also emphasized that since 2017, the minimum wage linked to the minimum wage has risen rapidly, resulting in a unique characteristic of ‘high minimum wage and relatively generous supply and demand conditions’ that is unprecedented in the world. Vice Minister Lee pointed out, “It is a problem that can no longer be neglected in that it seriously undermines the fairness of the labor market.”

At the public hearing on this day, in addition to discussing the lower limit adjustment, the government and the ruling party formed a consensus on △the need to prepare measures to motivate job seekers to be more active in their job search activities and △strengthening administrative measures to prevent illegal supply and demand.

Committee Chairman Park Dae-dal said, “The government and the party will continue to listen to the voices of the field and plan to finalize the final improvement plan as soon as possible.”

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