“I had too many thoughts”. What did director Kim Kyung-moon talk about

Hanwha Eagles Kim Seo-hyun (20) had a solo conversation with manager Kim Kyung-moon (66).

After the game on the 8th, fans saw Kim Seo-hyun riding in a car with head coach Kim Kyung-moon.

Kim Seo-hyun is a fire bowler who is wearing Hanwha’s uniform as the No. 1 rookie in 2023. He excels in fastball movement in the late 150km range, and throws various breaking balls such as changeups and curves

However, he has failed to display his potential. He pitched in six games this season, recording an ERA of 2.57 innings and seven innings.

There doesn’t seem to be a big problem in the earned run part, but there is still a regret in controlling the ball. You can see that he has 11.57 walks per nine innings.

At this year’s Australian spring camp, Kim Seo-hyun completed a pitching form to control his ball control. It was a homework that Park Seung-min, the pitching coach, gave Kim Seo-hyun during the off-season.

Former coach Choi Won-ho also wanted to raise Kim’s arm angle, and modified the angle well. The team has continued well into the second spring camp in Japan.
However, Kim Seo-hyun’s pitching form changed again from the exhibition game. The arm angle was lowered. As his pitching form changed, he also suffered a difficulty in controlling control. Eventually, he was removed from the first team on April 13 for adjustment. 안전놀이터

About a month later, he was registered in the first division on the 17th of last month, but two days later, he was canceled again on the 1st, playing only one game against Daegu Samsung (one hit, three walks, one strikeout, one run) on the 19th.

According to Coach Park Seung-min, the team created another pitching form in the second division. It has been changed to Yamamoto’s pitching form of the Los Angeles Dodgers.

First of all, the coaching staff has presented guidelines while respecting Kim Seo-hyun’s will.

Since then, head coach Kim Kyung-moon has been appointed. Kim Seo-hyun has not been called up yet. However, head coach Kim Kyung-moon was curious about what Kim Seo-hyun was thinking.

That’s why I sang the song at the game on Saturday. After the game, we had a meal together and asked what Kim thought.

“He’s a special player. I wondered what he was thinking. He’s very smart. He has so many things to think about considering his age. I was thinking about what I wouldn’t think at that age,” Kim said in amazement.

Coach Kim Kyung-moon gave up his thoughts and wished him to eat well and sleep well.

“At your age, it is important to simply work hard, sleep well, eat a lot, and run a lot,” Kim said. When I asked him how many hours he slept, he said he couldn’t sleep much. He said, “Why do you have so many thoughts? How can you sleep the same way as me?” He explained, “I told him as a baseball senior, not a coach.”

Attention is focusing on whether Kim Seo-hyun, who received warm advice from head coach Kim Kyung-moon, will show a different appearance.

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