11 people are released! 110.3 billion won is split in the air, Tottenham’s worst eating and losing transfer fee is imminent + who else will leave?

110.3 billion won has been postulated. The release of 0 won in transfer fee for Tottenham’s worst player in history is imminent. A killing book with 11 additional emitters was also mentioned. Tottenham’s offseason is windy.

Tottenham Hotspur, which has spent 110.3 billion won (110.3 million U.S. dollars), the highest transfer fee ever, is set to leave the club. The club failed to recover even one won in transfer fee, but chose to release the club. Tanguy Ndombele, who set a club record as a Frenchman and joined the club in 2019, is expected to leave Tottenham finally in the form of termination of his contract.

Tottenham plans to release additional backup players such as Pierre-Emile Hoibier, Giovanni Lo Celso and Brian Hill in the form of full transfer this summer. Furthermore, the plan is to make major changes to the Tottenham squad by replacing Hishalisson, who was a key striker, as well as Emerson Royal, who was a key fullback last season, with new players. As many as 11 players are expected to be released.

The start is the release of the worst player in the club’s history. “Tottenham has decided to send Ndombele away as a free agent,” French media Footmercato reported on the 9th. “They will terminate their contract in the form of a mutual agreement.” Ndombele, who joined Tottenham in 2019, had a one-year contract left after years on loan, but ended up saying goodbye through a mutual agreement.

Ndombele is expected to remain the worst recruitment in the club’s history. In fact, neither Harry Kane (Bayern Munich) nor Son Heung-min, Tottenham’s captain, has brought in the highest transfer fee ever. Ndombele is the hero. In 2019, Tottenham paid 63 million euros (110.3 billion won) in transfer fee when it brought Ndombele from Olympique Lyons in the French Ligue 1. Some estimate Ndombele’s transfer fee to be around 92 billion won, but even with such differences, it is still a record for Tottenham.

“At Tottenham, Ndombele quickly melted down with players from French-speaking cultures such as Hugo Lloris, Moussa Sissoko and Serge Aurier. He showed his talent without reservation at the stadium, but he had ups and downs in his performance,” Footh Mercato said.

Despite the favorable evaluation from local media, Tottenham suffered even more damage. Considering that Ndombele received an annual salary equivalent to 18 billion won (18 million U.S. dollars), the highest treatment in his team, which is close to Son’s level every season, Tottenham’s financial damage alone is expected to exceed 100 billion won.

Tottenham, of course, also made an effort to lessen the losses. It reduced some of its salary burden by placing full transfer options on several teams and sending them on loan. However, the salary was so high that most teams wanted salary assistance and had to continue spending huge amounts of money on players they couldn’t even use. Ndombele, on the other hand, remained Tottenham’s worst concern as he continued to fail to make a full transfer.

Expectations were definitely different at the time of the transfer. Players have completely changed to the point where they are almost cheated. Players who did not exactly meet the Premier League level were wrongly recruited, and those who lacked self-management fell into laziness, and their skills instantly plummeted.

In fact, Ndombele showed brilliant performances in Tottenham Hotspur by banking on his ability to de-press, dribble, pass and link. Unlike France, Ndombele failed to adapt himself to the fast tempo and tough physical fight of the Premier League.

He did not sincerely engage in pressure or participate in defense, or missed out on players several times due to poor concentration. In addition, he showed regret in his defense capability. He also frequently displayed “inducing anger” in which his ball was taken away by playing inappropriate footwork.

Since Mauricio Pochettino, who strongly wanted to recruit Ndombele, stepped down, he has played in 33 Premier League matches in the 2020-21 season under Jose Mourinho and seemed to have established himself as the starting player. However, he was criticized for his frequent injuries and performance with ups and downs. In particular, there were many scenes of fatal errors that resulted in a loss at once.

Ndombele ultimately failed to maintain his performance after that due to a lack of self-management and a controversy over his attitude, he went on loan again during the 2021-22 season. Ndombele, who failed to take the starting position after his return, continued to move on loan.

Ndombele was loaned to Napoli in the 2022-23 season, where he played as a substitute in 30 matches. However, he failed to make a full transfer and returned to Tottenham again, still failing to become a regular member.
In the end, he left for Galatasaray (Turkiye) last season on loan, but he did not show an impact in terms of skills this time, unlike his rental life over the past two seasons, which showed relatively good performance.

The problem is that Ndombele’s skills have decreased further, and now he can’t even win the main position in the Turkish league.

Previously, Ndombele’s expensive ransom and high salary had hindered him, but he did not even show his skills in the Turkiye. To make matters worse, Ndombele, who gained a lot of weight, was unable to play full-time and only played 454 minutes in 19 games. Throughout the official games, he played only 26 games, and even that, he played very few games as a starter.

As Galatasaray also gave up the option of fully transferring 15 million euros, Ndombele will return to Tottenham Hotspur. Under the current circumstances, it is almost impossible to transfer Ndombele.

In the end, Tottenham decided to save even their annual salary by releasing Ndombele unconditionally. However, there is still a detailed adjustment of the terms of the contract. There is a high possibility that Tottenham will compensate for even part of Ndombele’s remaining annual salary. Ndombele is causing damage to Tottenham even when he is released.

In addition, Tottenham is set to release players and reorganize its squad. The first step is recruitment. “Tottenham President Daniel Levy is giving strong support to Enze Postecoglou at this summer’s transfer market,” British media outlet Talk said. “Under Postecoglou, Tottenham ranked fifth and successfully qualified for the Europa League of the European Football Association.”

There are a total of 11 players on the release list, including Hishalisson, Lo Celso, Emerson, Ndombele, Sergio Reguilon, Jed Spence, Joe Roden, Ryan Sessegnon, Hoivier, Brian Hill and Jaffet Tanganga.

Among them, Hishalisson has been receiving transfer interest from multiple teams. Despite Hishalisson’s strong commitment to stay, Tottenham plans to sell Hishalisson and upgrade his team to Bournemouth striker Dominic Solanke, who was ranked fourth in Premier League scoring last season. 핑크알바

In addition, Emerson, who played as a strong main resource but lacked stability at an important moment, is attracting attention from Italy’s Serie A prestigious AC Milan. Hoiber, who showed interest in multiple teams, including the Bundesliga, is also likely to leave the team in a complete transfer format in search of a starting position.

Lo Celso and Brian Hill, who are drawing attention from Primera Liga teams, are also expected to leave the team through full transfer, not loan transfer. Lo Celso and Hill both want to transfer from multiple Primera Liga teams. Even if they fail to recover the transfer fee at the time of recruitment, Tottenham plans to sell them.

Son Heung-min’s best friend Leguilon, who had found a way out through a loan transfer, is also likely to say goodbye to Tottenham completely. Joe Roden, Tanganga, and Spence, who were completely pushed back from the starting lineup in the defense, are also seeking to release him through a complete transfer. Among them, Tanganga is reportedly considering terminating the contract through mutual agreement.

In addition, Emerson Royal is drawing attention from AC Milan and Pierre-Emile Hoivier is also expected to leave in search of a team to play as a starting member. Bryan Hill, who refused to join the club last winter, also wants a permanent transfer.

Sessegnon, the existence of Tottenham’s love and hate, who had high expectations since his youth but failed to blossom his skills due to injuries, is also likely to break up with Tottenham. In the case of Sessegnon, he prefers to transfer, but Tottenham is also reportedly considering terminating the contract through mutual agreement.

If a total of 11 players leave, Tottenham’s Board of Directors plans to recruit a large number of new players in any way. Given that Postecoglou has continued to compete for fourth place until the end of the season, and Son Heung-min is gradually moving into his mid-30s, the 2024-25 season is both an opportunity and a good time to jump into the Champions competition. As a result, Tottenham is expected to be at the center in all aspects of recruitment and release this offseason.

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