KCC loses to Japan’s champion Hiroshima by 30 points… for the second consecutive time in Asia in the Champions League

KBL champion KCC was also completely defeated by Japanese champion Hiroshima Dragonfly amid unfavorable factors such as Alfonzo McKinney’s injury.

KCC lost 77-107 in a Group B match against Japanese champion Hiroshima at the Sheikh Said Bin Maktoum Sports Hall in Dubai, United Arab Emirates on the 10th (Korea time). As a result, KCC lost its second consecutive match following the match against Shakhradi in Iran on the previous day.
Lee Keun-hwi scored 22 points, including six three-point shots, and Dion Tamson scored 20 points and eight rebounds, but the score was not enough. Heo Woong, Choi Joon-yong (both six points), and Song Kyo-chang (all scoreless) also failed to display strong performance. 메이저사이트

Early in the first quarter, the flow was not bad. Heo Woong’s two three-point shots made it a tight race. However, the gap widened sharply to 17-26 after being hit by three consecutive three-point shots by Toshiki Kamisawa, Dwayne Evans, and Ryo Yamazaki at the end of the first quarter.

He fought back in the second quarter. Lee Ho-hyun and Lee Keun-hwi narrowed the gap with 1:25 left in the second quarter and chased after 32-45. However, Kerry Blackshear Jr., Yamazaki, and Takuno Nakamura again allowed three consecutive three-pointers, finishing the first half 32-54.

The pattern of the second half of the game has also not changed. He allowed two consecutive three-point shots to Evans early in the third quarter, when he started the game burdened by a 22-point gap, and allowed Mitani to play a three-point play through the cage, making the game 67-37.

After a gap of 30 points, KCC collapsed in a more lethargic appearance. To make matters worse, Choi Jun-yong was sent off with five fouls in the middle of the third quarter, losing the main driving force of the counterattack. Since then, the game has been finished with backup members such as Kim Dong-hyun, Yeo Jun-hyung and Lee Ju-young.

Unlike KCC, Hiroshima had a clear plan. Players constantly swung around the court to create three-point chances, which is their strength. He made eight three-point shots in the first half alone. The team also posted a whopping 72.73 percent success rate (8/11). The team crushed KCC with 16 three-point shots (55.2 percent success rate). The well-organized defense rotation was impressive. He also displayed strong trap defense.

Meanwhile, KCC, which has lost two consecutive games, is aiming for its first victory of the tournament in the last third group match against Indonesian champion Felita Jaya on the 12th.

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