Goodbye’… 6-year-old ziplining in Mexico crashes after equipment breaks

A 6-year-old child fell while ziplining in먹튀검증 Mexico.According to foreign media such as Fox News, on the 25th local time, a 6-year-old child who was riding a zipline at an amusement park in Nuevo Leon, Mexico fell 12m down.The protective equipment the child was wearing broke and fell as it was.Fortunately, the child was not seriously injured in the fall. However, the child’s family said she needed psychological stability.A tourist near the scene at the time jumped into the water and rescued the child.The child’s family criticized on Facebook that “the amusement park did not respond in time immediately after the accident,” and said, “It was a terrible accident, but fortunately the child is safe.”Investigative authorities are trying to figure out the exact circumstances of the accident, including why the protective equipment was cut off.

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