“Hanwoo is really good”… Tom Cruise said he scratched with a smile of 5 million won

Tom Cruise, who visited Korea ahead of the release of a movie in which he starred next month, is said to have expressed great satisfaction after eating a Korean-style grilled meal at a meat restaurant near Samseong Station in Gangnam-gu, Seoul late on the night of the 29th.According to the food service industry on the 30th, about 30 people, including Cruise, actors, director Christopher Macquarie, and bodyguards, had an after-party at Puerco, an Iberico specialty store near Samseong안전놀이터 Station in Gangnam-gu, Seoul, from around 10:00 pm the previous day to 1:00 am the next day. It was after the press conference for the movie ‘Mission: Impossible: Dead Recording Part One’ at Lotte Cinema World Tower in Seoul that day, and after wandering around the food alley in Bangi-dong.The food the cruise party ordered was Korean beef special, Pluma, and shrimp meat. In addition, it is known that they drank distilled soju ‘Hwayo’ with wine they brought, and even ate Korean beef spicy chapagetti, the representative menu of the restaurant, for dessert. The cost of food they paid for that day reached 5 million won. While eating, Cruise said, “I really like grilled Korean beef, and I keep thinking about the taste of Korean spicy food,” and said, “It was an excellent choice to visit here.”Puerto Rico CEO Woong-bin Lee said, “I know that director Christopher McQuarrie suggested to Cruise to go to Puerto,” adding, “Cruise promised to visit again the next time he visits Korea, and I consider it an honor.”Cruise’s extraordinary love for Korea is widely known. His visit to Korea is the 11th since ‘Interview with the Vampire’ in 1994, which is unusually frequent among Hollywood actors. He is also famous for his passionate fan service, so Korean fans call him ‘kind Uncle Tom’.

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