Gangsters threatening tattoos at the Hyatt Hotel… transcending sects and forming a ‘national solidarity’

A group of members of the violent organization메이저사이트 ‘Sunoapa’ who ran rampant at the Grand Hyatt Hotel in downtown Seoul were handed over to trial.

The Seoul Central District Prosecutor’s Office’s Violent Crime Investigation Department (Chief Prosecutor Shin Jun-ho) announced on the 30th that it had arrested and indicted 9 members of the Suno’a group and indicted 30 without detention. According to the prosecution, 12 members of the Suno Apa gang stayed at the Grand Hyatt Hotel in Yongsan-gu, Seoul in October 2020 for 3 nights and 4 days , demanded a meeting with Bae Sang-yoon (57), chairman of the KH

Group that runs the hotel, and was accused of threatening employees (violent act).  organization, etc. under the Punishment Act). They abused the band and guests performing in the hotel restaurant, forcibly stopped the performance, and disrupted business by using the sauna or walking around the hotel as a group while exposing their tattoos. It was investigated that Sunoapa committed the crime by receiving the orders of a pier-level person who lost 6 billion won worth of money after investing in a private equity fund run by Chairman Bae. Shin Joon-ho, chief prosecutor of the Seoul Central District Prosecutor’s Office’s Violent Crime Investigation Department, said, “The extensive arrest investigation of the main criminal participants has virtually dismantled the Sunoah faction,” adding, “It will take considerable time to rebuild the organization.” The prosecution also captured a situation in which members of the ‘MZ Generation’ , who serve as the backbone of national unit organizations such as the International Mafia and the Texas Group, brought a national unit meeting during the search and forensic process for the main suspects of the Sunoah faction. 

Director Shin said, “In the past, organized activities were carried out under strict hierarchical relationships only within one organization, but recently, violent organizations, the so-called ‘MZ generation’, have been solidarity across the country.”

It is said that they are strengthening solidarity in the shadows such as illegal prostitution and loan business, holding unity competitions within the organization as well as regular harmony that transcends factions, ‘peer gatherings’.

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