Four former U.S. women’s soccer coaches kicked out… “Sexual harassment and harassment of players”

Correspondent Lee Eui-jin = Four former NWSL head coaches who were found to have sexually harassed, molested, and racist words and actions toward players were kicked out.

The NWSL announced in a statement on the 10th (Korean time) that it would permanently kick out former North Carolina Courage head coach Paul Riley, former Chicago Red Stars head coach Rory Dames, former Washington Spirit head coach Richie Burke and former Racing Louisville FC head coach Christie Holly.

The move is based on an investigative report released by the NWSL in conjunction with the Players Association last month.

This report contains cases of victims such as habitual sexual harassment, abuse, and racist words and actions by leaders prevalent in the American women’s soccer world.

According to this, former coach Riley, who was fired in 2021, is understood to have used his position to have sexual relations with at least three players.

In the case of former coach Holly, it was revealed that he groped the body of one player, sent inappropriate text messages, and engaged in lewd behavior after inviting another player to his home.

Former coach Dames complained of damage, saying that the players were emotionally abused by showing a tyrannical attitude and words and actions. Former manager Burke has been investigated for racist words and actions.

In addition, former Utah Royals FC coach Craig Harrington and former Gotham FC general manager Alise Rahew avoided expulsion, but were suspended for two years.

Former coach Harrington also made several comments that aroused sexual shame, and former general manager Rae Hugh is accused of personally contacting the player on the premise of an inappropriate relationship.

“Athletes from socially marginalized backgrounds or those feeling job insecurity were targeted,” the report said. 온라인카지노

Former manager Dames’ side refuted to the New York Times (NYT), saying, “I’ve never done anything worthy of disciplinary action while serving as manager,” and former general manager Raehu also denied the results of the investigation.

The NYT reported that the other four leaders did not come up with any special explanation.

This joint investigation report was prepared separately from the report on sexual harassment in women’s football, which was published by the American Football Association in October last year.

Previously, the American Football Association launched an investigation when revelations of sexual harassment followed in 2021 and shocked the entire league, and the report concluded that habitual sexual harassment and assault had become a deeply rooted bad habit.

The Football Association report said, “There is a culture that makes players accustomed to sexual harassment by leaders from childhood,” and “until 2021, there was no policy itself to prevent this, and most clubs did not even have a personnel department.”

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