Goyang Carrot foreigner 2 option replacement, Jonathan Arledge, who played for Samsung

 Goyang Carrot recruited Jonathan Alledge (32), who played for Samsung in Seoul, as a new foreign player.

On the 11th, Carrot revealed that he had brought Alledge with a mercenary replacement ticket instead of Demetrius Treadwell, an existing foreign player.

A 2m4 tall forward, Alledge has experienced various European leagues such as France and Greece. He joined Samsung as a temporary foreign player for Marcus Derrickson of Seoul Samsung, who was injured in December of last year. 메이저사이트

Arledji, who has an impressive play that goes back and forth between the inside and outside, played a good role. However, the contract period has ended, and Samsung plans to replace not only the existing Derrickson but also Emanual Terry. Because of this, Alleggie’s contract extension was not carried out.

Carrot hastily brought in Treadwell after David Simon’s departure. However, it was lacking in skill. In the end, director Kim Seung-gi of Carrot did not use the treadwell. Due to Simon’s absence and the only foreign player Didric Lawson’s stamina, Carrot was unable to continue the blast at the beginning of the season.

The reason for not bringing the proper foreigner 2 option is complex, but in the end, it is known that the problem of ‘money’ is the biggest. The situation with Simon’s ‘partial guarantee contract’. It was not easy for a club suffering from financial difficulties to bring in a high-quality second option foreign player.

It is known that Al Ledge will play before Wonju DB on the 19th, his first game after the All-Star break.

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