Ex-Atlanta general manager pardoned for expelling Bae Ji-hwan for ‘trick contract’

A high-ranking manager of the Atlanta Braves, who was punished for signing a back contract while recruiting foreign amateur players, was pardoned after five years.

The Associated Press reported that former Atlanta general manager John Coponella, who had been permanently expelled, was lifted from the Major League (MLB) Commissioner’s Secretariat.

Coponella, who joined Atlanta as a power analysis agent in 2006, became general manager in 2015 and scouted foreign amateur players until 2017, signing mostly behind-the-scenes contracts to avoid the upper limit on the total amount of contracts for each club. 스포츠토토

In this situation, Bae Ji-hwan, who was in the third year of Gyeongbuk High School in September 2017, also signed a contract with Atlanta for $ 300,000, but it is known that he agreed to receive an additional ransom.

Eventually, when Atlanta’s ‘trick contract’ was discovered by MLB, Coponella was permanently expelled, and the contracts of 13 amateur players, including Bae Ji-hwan, were nullified.

Bae Ji-hwan became a ‘lost child’, but in March of the following year, he successfully signed a contract with the Pittsburgh Pirates for $1.25 million, and continued to dream of playing in the major leagues.

The MLB Secretariat revealed the background of the pardon, saying, “Coponella has taken various actions while apologizing for (the backside contract) over the past five years.”

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