The transfer fee at the level Jeonbuk wanted came out, the atmosphere of realizing the winter transfer of Cho Kyu-seong

 ‘World Cup Star’ Cho Kyu-seong (25, Jeonbuk Hyundai) is in the mood to make his advance into Europe a reality.

The European transfer of Cho Kyu-sung, who has emerged as a national star by playing a big role in the 2022 Qatar World Cup, is taking shape. An official from Revenge, who is familiar with the circumstances of Cho Kyu-seong and Jeonbuk, said, “The transfer fee came out at the level that Jeonbuk wanted. It is an amount that exceeds the level that has been reported through foreign media and media. Jeonbuk initially planned to send Cho Kyu-seong through the summer transfer market, but the atmosphere changed as multiple clubs offered transfer fees that exceeded expectations. At this rate, transfer is likely,” he said in unison.

Currently, the teams that have offered Kyu-Sung Cho a scout are Mainz in Germany, Celtic in Scotland, and a team in the United States. All three teams expressed their intention to pay the transfer fee offered by Jeonbuk. It is known that the amount exceeds 3 million euros (about 4 billion won) or 3 million pounds (about 4.5 billion won) known to the outside world. Mainz and Celtic feel the burden of paying the transfer fee at once, so they are considering splitting the transfer into two payments. This means that the transfer fee is large.

Both Mainz and Celtic value Cho Kyu-sung highly. Both teams carefully reviewed Cho Kyu-sung’s skills and judged him to be a player that could be resold. Cho Kyu-sung proved himself on the global stage of the World Cup. He was the first Korean player to score two goals in one game, and showed his competitive edge against foreign defenders with good physical skills. Moreover, Cho Kyu-seong, born in 1998, is a player who has just entered his prime. His development potential is endless.

Mainz and Celtic are confident that Cho Kyu-seong will perform well. After recruiting, he calculated that he could fully recover the initial capital invested through the next transfer. This is the background in which Mainz and Celtic decided to boldly open their wallets. 메이저놀이터

The US is the best condition, but both Jeonbuk and Cho Kyu-sung are prioritizing going to Europe. An official from Cho Kyu-sung’s side said, “Once in Europe, two teams put in proposals, and we are waiting for proposals from other teams. We expect multiple clubs to offer from both countries. We plan to decide the destination after discussing with the Jeonbuk club and players by summarizing the intentions of each club. It will be outlined this weekend,” he said.

Jeonbuk was originally cautious about the transfer. I decided that it would be better to transfer in the summer rather than going out in the winter. Currently, Europe is in the middle of the season, and Cho Kyu-sung took a break after the World Cup. It was because he had to rebuild his body and had problems with local adaptation, so it was helpful for the player to change teams in the summer when he started the season.

However, the atmosphere changed as Mainz and Celtic accepted unexpectedly large transfer fees. Depending on the additional offer, there is room for the ransom to rise further. Giving a large transfer fee implies a plan to use the player as the main axis. The starting competition should be with any team, but you can start in a relatively friendly environment. The player side also prefers a winter transfer that receives good reviews considering variables such as injuries. In other words, Jeonbuk’s justification for capturing Cho Kyu-seong has disappeared.

An official who is knowledgeable about the situation in Jeonbuk also said, “We believe that the transfer of Cho Kyu-seong from Jeonbuk Province is likely. The leadership is already engrossed in finding a replacement,” he hinted.

After the World Cup, Cho Kyu-sung expressed his desire to advance to Europe. Last year, he became the K-League 1 top scorer and conquered his domestic stage, and he publicly expressed his will to go to a wider stage. As expected, Cho Kyu-sung received a good evaluation in the market and is approaching his dream stage.

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