Even training on a moonlit night… A lion’s struggle for a reversal

Daegu Samsung Lions Park on the 12th. After the match against SSG Landers, the Samsung team returned to the field from the dugout. There were two nets for batting practice on the ground. It was for nighttime special training, which is usually done in exhibition games or field training. you had nothing to do Coach Park Jin-man climbed the mound and threw the ball himself, and the coaches prepared for training themselves and sweated with the players.

Samsung faced a crisis at the beginning of the season. Losing 0-3 in the game on the 12th, they fell into a 6-game losing streak. With 2 wins and 7 losses (as of the 12th), they were tied for ninth place with the Hanwha Eagles, and placed at the bottom. Even before the opening, the evaluation of Samsung was not generous. Last season, all three foreign players were active, but they did not go to fall baseball. All three players were successful in catching them, but the dominant evaluation was that domestic resources did not improve. Just two years ago, they had a match for first place with KT Wiz, but they fell sharply in two years.

Director Park Jin-man also knew the reality. He left for Japan for finishing training. He wanted to deepen the depth by developing young players even a little more. In winter training in February, he literally cut his bones. He played the most practice games, and if the content of the game was bad, he immediately conducted additional training. In the demonstration game, the players who would threaten the main players showed a good performance, perhaps thanks to the amount of practice, and came in second place.

Manager Park Jin-man explained the reason, “It’s a spring camp, so it can be like this. The purpose of the camp is to correct it as soon as you feel something lacking in the game. Of course, the regular season is different.” However, after 9 games after the opening, special training was conducted. It’s that desperate.

The players also feel this atmosphere keenly. Before the game on the 12th, veteran catcher Kang Min-ho wrote a message on the whiteboard in the dugout, “Dak Gong without fear.” Director Park Jin-man, who saw this, also nodded. However, even in the game on the 12th, the batting line was silent.

The Samsung team’s batting average is ninth among 10 clubs (0.228), and the on-base percentage is last (0.287). There are many veteran players, so their mobility is not good. Home runs are tied for second place (7), but the home stadium ‘Rapac’ is a good home run ballpark. Jose Pirella recovered quickly from his injury, and coach Park tried to change the batting order, but no answer came out.

The mound isn’t good either. The team’s ERA is 9th (5.04). In particular, his strikeout rate is 5.94 per 9 innings, which is the lowest, far below the league average (7.28). It means that the pitchers are not fighting the batters and winning. Veteran pitcher Woo Gyu-min expressed regret, saying, “Young pitchers are so nice. You have to fight hard on the mound…”

Samsung did not recruit or trade free agents last winter. There was also an inquiry about relatively free resources, but it did not come through. There was also confidence in the team’s strength. With the Park Jin-man acting system, it was calculated that it was possible to advance to the top 5 by exceeding the winning rate of 50%. However, it is difficult to strengthen power immediately.

The scenario Samsung draws is the revival of the starting team. David Buchanan-Albert Suarez-Won Tae-in’s one-two punch is powerful. Last year, the three pitchers were responsible for nearly 40% of all pitched innings and produced good results. In the first appearance of the season, Buchanan and Suarez were sluggish with 4 runs in 5 innings and 6 runs in 3 innings, respectively, against NC. Won Tae-in is struggling in the aftermath of the WBC. None of the starting pitchers, including 4th starter Baek Jeong-hyeon and 5th starter Yang Chang-seop, failed to win.

The good thing though is that the starters are showing the possibility of getting better. The foreign pitchers showed improvement in the second pitch side by side.카지노사이트 Baek Jung-hyun also made a save with 4 hits and 1 run in 5 innings against SSG on the 12th. Jang Pil-joon, a preliminary starter in case of emergency, is also preparing in the second group.

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