Cantlay responds to Koepka’s slow play… “Everybody was slow” retort

Patrick Cantlay (31, USA), who received a lot of criticism for his slow play in the final round of the Masters Tournament in the first major tournament of the season, came up with an explanation.

Brooks Koepka (33, USA), who played in the last group of the final round of the Masters held earlier on the 10th (Korean time), said, “The group in front of us was brutally slow. John Rahm went to the bathroom seven times, but we still had to wait.”

Right in front of Koepka and Ram, Cantley and Viktor Hoblan (Norway) played. In particular, Cantlay’s slow play was one of the issues that heated up social media (SNS) during the tournament. The most criticized was that Cantlay was moving down the fairway to take a 75-yard shot when Hoblan chipped around the green on the 13th hole (par 5). Social media was ablaze with criticism that Cantlay’s play speed, which was still in the fairway, was too slow, even though a companion player was around the green.

Through the relay broadcast, Kepka and Ram were visibly frustrated as they waited for Cantlay to make the first of three putts in the 16th hole (par 3). It took Cantlay and Hovlan to play the final round in 4 hours and 50 minutes.

In response, Cantlay set out to explain.먹튀검증 On the 12th, Cantlay attended an official interview with RBC Heritage of the American Professional Golf (PGA) Tour held at Harbortown Golf Links in Hilton Head, South Carolina, USA. He said at this spot, “When we finished the first hole, the group in front of us was walking to the second shot of the second hole. We had to wait all day for every shot. Everyone thought it was slow,” he explained.

Recently, the problem of slow play is resurfacing on the PGA Tour. This is because there have been several cases of not finishing the first and second rounds on time on the PGA Tour this year, including limited invitational events such as the Genesis Invitational and Arnold Palmer Invitational.

Cantlay, a former member of the Players Advisory Board, dismissed it as nothing to worry about. “When you’re playing on a golf course like Augusta National where all the holes are steep and the greens are very fast, it will take longer,” he said. It takes longer when the wind blows inconsistently. It’s just a characteristic of professional golf where every shot is so important.”

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