Almost all members agree… Japan’s J-League, switch to Chuchunje from 2026? What about the K-League?

Japan’s J-League is in the mood to put the Chuchun festival into action. News has emerged that almost all clubs have agreed to hold the Chumoon Festival until 2026.

Japanese media <Sponichi> reported on the 12th, citing J-League officials, that the J-League is more likely to implement the autumn festival in the fall of 2026 at the latest. According to this, the Japanese J-League, which is currently playing the spring and autumn season, will become the J-League for the 2026-2027 season from 2026.

Yuzo Tajima, president of the Japan Football Association, hinted at a change in the autumn festival through a press conference in February. Chairman Tajima said, “It is true that there are various difficulties, but we have to discuss them properly. I want to change the season system.” <Sponich> reported that the transition to the Chuchun Festival had been mentioned in the past, but the members had never had an in-depth discussion. However, this time, it is said that almost all clubs are showing an attitude of agreeing to or condoning the implementation of the autumn festival.

<Sponich> explained that the reason why J-League clubs accept the change of Chuchunje is because of global standard principles. This means that since almost all leagues have an autumn festival, we have to follow it. Moreover, starting this year, the AFC Champions League will be held as an autumn festival. <Sponichi> explained, “The current spring and autumn zero can cause certain distortions, so the need to conform to the global standard is being raised.”

However, fine-tuning remains to be done. The biggest stumbling block is the winter weather, which is the biggest handicap in East Asia.바카라사이트 Therefore, it can be said that the biggest challenge is how much winter rest period should be granted. It is also a concern about how to conduct the season right before the transition to the Chuchun Festival. In the case of switching to the Chuchun system, a break of up to six months is inevitable. This is a situation that needs to be dealt with wisely.

If Japan’s J-League, which is being played in a similar environment, switches to a Chu-chun system, it seems that there will be a considerable impact on the situation in the K-League. In fact, due to the AFC Champions League schedule from this year, related teams are playing the season with a considerable burden, and if the J-League, one of the representative East Asian leagues, introduces the Chuchun system, the nearby East Asian district leagues will also be affected. Therefore, I think it is the time to have a public discussion with the members of each club, regardless of whether or not to convert the Chuchun festival.

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