‘Do not open and report’ overseas parcels found nationwide

The National Police Agency announced on the 21st, “After a person who opened a yellow mail delivered overseas from Ulsan on the 20th complained of dizziness, related reports have continued across the country.”

According to the police, overseas mail is a yellow or black envelope marked with메이저사이트 ‘ CHUNGHWA POST’ .

The origin is written as ‘ POBox 100561~003777, Taipei Taiwan’ .

Previously, on the 20th in Ulsan, three facility officials who opened overseas mail at a welfare facility for the disabled in Ulsan complained of dizziness and shortness of breath and were transferred to the hospital. As a result of the simple examination, no peculiarities were found regarding radioactivity or chemical substances. The police are investigating the possibility of a so-called ‘ brushing scam ‘ that sends items to anyone to manipulate online shopping mall sales performance and ratings.

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