Delta Air Lines, which sent Hyeri first class → economy class, finally apologized and said, “A refund will be issued.”

When controversy arose after actress Hyeri (29), a former메이저사이트 member of Girl’s Day, revealed that she had been treated unfairly by Delta Air Lines in the U.S., the airline provided an explanation and an apology.

According to Delta Air Lines on the 1st, on the flight to New York, which departed from Los Angeles, USA at 2:19 pm on the 30th of last month (local time), some first class customers’ seats were downgraded to economy class during the model change process. Hyeri, who had reserved two first class seats at the time, also received a downgrade notice.

Regarding this, the airline explained, “It was not a downgrade due to overbooking, but something that inevitably happened in the process of replacing the aircraft with a smaller model for safe operation.”

“In accordance with airline regulations, we recommend that the passenger board the next flight where first class is available, or provide the option to receive a refund for the seat difference when boarding economy class,” he said. “The refund for the difference is in progress.” “It was,” he explained.

The airline also added, “We apologize for any inconvenience caused to customers and a customer service representative will contact you directly.”

Previously, on Instagram on the 31st of last month, Hyeri said, “I made a reservation a month and a half in advance and even assigned a seat in advance, but I was downgraded to economy because there were no first class seats. The airline couldn’t give me a refund, and if I didn’t like my seat, I couldn’t get a seat on the next flight.” Take a ride and go. “She even booked two seats. How can they both be downgraded?” she complained.

“It was such an absurd experience,” he said, adding, “Everyone, please be careful.”

According to the Delta Air Lines website, the prices for one-way economy and first class seats on flights from LA to New York vary by two to three times depending on the flight.

Delta Air Lines has been criticized several times in the past for issues such as controversy over abuse of power and racial discrimination. He received a lot of criticism after being reported in the media for making insulting remarks and behavior to a Korean family and refusing boarding, stopping a black doctor who was trying to help an emergency patient, and firing Korean female employees for speaking Korean while working. .

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