‘The truth about polluted water’ Ana on YouTube, does she belong to the company?… “Are you pushing me to do a lot of work?”

Suspicion has been raised that the host in the video 메이저사이트‘The truth about Fukushima contaminated water’ posted on the official YouTube channel of the South Korean government is a politician from the People Power Party. The announcer is known to have appeared in many related content since President Yoon Seok-yeol’s presidential candidacy. The opposition party pointed out that it is against fairness to hire members of a specific political party for videos produced with government budget.

At the general meeting of the Special Committee on Budget and Accounts held at the National Assembly on the 30th, Kim Young-ho, a member of the Democratic Party of Korea, raised suspicions that announcer Park Bo-kyung in the YouTube video ‘The truth about Fukushima contaminated water’ posted on the government YouTube channel was a member of the People Power Party. The Presidential Office budget of 38 million won was used to produce the video.

Rep. Kim claimed that Announcer Park was given the job of emceeing major events such as YouTube videos during President Yoon’s presidential candidacy, President Yoon’s inauguration ceremony, the founding ceremony of the Korean Liberty Federation, and the Liberation Day celebration.

On this day, Rep. Kim said to Prime Minister Han Deok-soo, “I don’t know what kind of relationship this person is with President Yoon, but he is ‘pushing for work.’” He added, “Seok-yeol-hyung TV’s main MC, emcee of President Yoon’s inauguration event, and emcee of the inaugural general meeting of the Federation of Journalists of the Republic of Korea , He said, “I appointed him as the emcee for the 2023 Suncheon Bay International Garden Expo attended by the president, as the emcee for the 69th anniversary ceremony of the Korean Federation of Liberal Arts, as the emcee for the truth about the contaminated water in Fukushima, and as the emcee for the 78th Liberation Day celebration ceremony.”

Rep. Kim said, “As I watched the promotional video, an announcer appeared, and when I looked for it through the portal, I found a record that was truly surprising.” He added, “This announcer is introduced as a member of the People Power Party’s party committee.”

He said, “There are times when party members are used as public officials in the President’s Office and the Prime Minister’s Office, but in those cases, don’t they all leave the party and join the independent party?” He added, “This announcer who appeared on YouTube is also introduced as a former freelance MBC announcer, but he is currently a member of the People Power Party and a politician . It is classified as: “If this is true, there will be significant repercussions,” he pointed out.

Lee Kwan-seop, senior secretary for government affairs in the Presidential Office, said, “I was not able to confirm last time that he was affiliated with the People Power Party,” and added, “I will check to see if there are any legal problems and what the implications are.”

In response, Rep. Kim said, “Legal issues are legal, but doesn’t this also require political judgment? Does having a specific political party official fit the public sentiment? “Don’t talk in principle,” he pushed.

When Chief Lee responded that he was not convinced, Rep. Kim said to Prime Minister Han, “Please review the submission of information about the (government) event expenses that announcer Lee has been in charge of so far.” “Please submit details of labor expenses and how much salary has been paid by the government so far.”

In a 4 minute 25 second video, announcer Park said, “Contaminated water from Fukushima will be purified using a facility called ‘Alps.’ “At this stage, most of the 62 types of radioactive substances are reduced below the standard level,” he said. “Experts’ analysis is that the contaminated water is discharged as treated water, and if all goes as planned, the tritium will be completely diluted below the standard level, making it the same as regular seawater. ” .

Of the four experts who appeared in the video, none warned of the dangers of contaminated water.

There are suspicions that the video is suspicious even though it has been viewed nearly 17 million times. It is claimed that it is not surprising that this number of views came less than two months after it was posted on the 7th of last month. In fact, most videos posted on the same channel at a similar time did not exceed 1,000 views until this day.

Jin Joong-kwon, a special professor at Kwangwoon University, appeared on CBS Radio and criticized, “Why is our government using our tax dollars to do what the Japanese government should be doing?” and “The President’s Office is like the Yongsan branch office of the Japanese Prime Minister’s official residence. ”

He also said about the high number of views of the video, “Think about it. Are they BTS or Blackpink? How did 16 million (come out)? Even if you try to cheat, you (should) do it in moderation. “If you make 160,000, you can be fooled, but if you say 16,000,000, what kind of BTS or Blackpink level is the President’s office?” he asked.

Rep. Jang Cheol-min of the Democratic Party of Korea also appeared on YTN and expressed doubts, saying, “It took singer Lim Young-woong’s music video to be viewed 16 million times in just one year.”

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