Resident who stepped on security guard and assaulted… Neighbors say, “I’m ashamed” fundraising campaign

The police began an investigation after an incident occurred in which a resident assaulted a security guard at an apartment complex in Yangju, Gyeonggi Province. Residents 메이저사이트started a campaign to raise money for the cost of treatment for the injured guard.

According to the Yangju Police Station and the victim, security guard A in his 60s, on the 24th, B, a man in his 50s, went to the security post and asked Mr. A for help when the keypad on the common entrance to the apartment did not work properly around 10:30 pm on the 26th of last month. did. It is known that Mr. B was drunk at the time.

Mr. A was suddenly assaulted while moving with Mr. B while holding the master key. Person A claims that Mr. B swore at him, saying, “You are going in the wrong direction home,” grabbed him by the collar, shook him, and hit him in the chest with his fist. It is said that Mr. A, who was assaulted, was able to escape only after the front door was opened.

Mr. A, who is currently hospitalized, said in a phone call with a reporter that day, “I was subjected to verbal abuse and assault by Mr. B for about 30 minutes while I was moving, and when I went back to Mr. B’s house with my bike to open the door, he pushed the bike over again and kicked or stepped on it. “I hurt my arm so badly,” he said, crying, “I was so scared that my body still trembles.”

The police, who were dispatched after receiving a report from another resident at the time of the assault, plan to soon conduct an investigation into the victim, determine the extent of the damage, and request Mr. B to attend. It is known that if assault damage is confirmed, assault charges will be applied.

Representatives of the residents of the apartment in question expressed regret that “an embarrassing incident occurred” and set out to resolve the problem. After hearing that Mr. A was having financial difficulties and that it was not easy to raise money for hospital expenses, they posted a post on an online community called ‘Information on voluntary fundraising for victims of security guard assault’ and started raising money for treatment. In a post, the residents said, “Mr. A, who was assaulted, was diagnosed with 4 weeks of paralysis due to symptoms such as concussion and post-traumatic disorder and is receiving treatment at the hospital. He is in a difficult financial situation,” and added, “Please gather warm hearts towards Mr. A.”

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