“Daughter-in-law Kim Daye is gaslighting”… Park Soo-hong’s parents support his older brother

On the afternoon of the 13th, the 8th trial for Park Soo-hong’s older brother and his wife on charges of violating the Act on the Aggravated Punishment of Specific Economic Crimes (Embezzlement) was held at the Seoul Western District Court’s Criminal Agreement Division 11 hearing. On this day, Park Soo-hong’s parents, Mr. Park (84) and Mr. Ji (81), attended.

Park Soo-hong’s parents, who stood on the witness stand that day, expressed their eldest son’s injustice. The position is that the eldest son, Mr. Park, took care of his share by helping his younger brother, Park Soo-hong, and that this was not embezzlement. Mr. Ji, Park Soo-hong’s mother, said that the decision to subscribe to financial products was made by her husband, Mr. Park, not her eldest son. Mr. Ji said, “Financial products are thoroughly handled by the father (referred to as the husband), not by the eldest son and his wife.”

He continued, “I exchanged the gift certificate for a corporate card and used it for Soo-hong. When I heard that I was going to buy clothes and shoes at a department store (since I was appearing in ‘My Little Old Boy’), (Soo-hong) told me to spend as much as I could.” He continued, “I said I should buy it at a time like this,” and “I have never lent a helping hand to my children. “I also used my appearance fee to pay for her husband’s cancer surgery,” he said.

He also claimed that the series of incidents surrounding his eldest son and Park Soo-hong happened because of Kim Daye’s gaslighting. He attended the trial that day and said, “Soohong was gaslighted by Kim Dae-ye. How much did she know before handing over the title to her apartment? She took issue with that, so after a while she went to register her marriage. Daye Kim raised her voice, saying, “Isn’t that a bit wrong? She even sent SNS (social networking service) messages to that young child (her niece) and criticized her children’s mother.”

Park Soo-hong’s father, “I’m offended by the lawsuit, so I should file a counter-sue against my eldest son.”

On this day, the prosecution questioned Park Soo-hong’s father about periodic deposits of large sums of money from Lael Mediaboom, an entertainment agency run by his brother and his wife, and Park said, “It was a slush fund account created for my son (Park Soo-hong).” .

Regarding the purpose of the slush fund, Mr. Park said, “(Park) Soo-hong likes women. “At first, she dated a woman for 7 or 8 years, but after a few months, the woman cried and said, ‘Her brother told me to break up,’” she said. “Then Suhong came to her mother and asked for her bankbook.” said. He said, “If a comedian makes 1 billion won, after paying taxes, maintenance fees, and management fees, at best he will have 200 to 300 million left over.” “I created a slush fund,” he said.

In relation to this, Park Soo-hong’s lawyer said that it was not a slush account, but a bank account in which the money owed to Park Soo-hong was deposited, but a bank account under a different name was used to reduce taxes.

Her father, Mr. Park, expressed his displeasure that Park Soo-hong filed a lawsuit against her eldest son and his wife. Mr. Park said, “I was angry because his older brother was filing a complaint when he had been watching his back,” and added, “I told my eldest son to file a counter lawsuit.” He continued, “Recently, on my birthday, my youngest came and said to her mother, ‘Don’t let my father go out 메이저놀이터(as a witness),’ but she came out,” and could not hide her anger, saying, “How can you call us straws?” He continued, “I worked as a housekeeper for nearly 32 years, and one day my password was changed. I was so angry that I hit the fire extinguisher next to me, and nonsensical things started pouring out, such as trying to kill me with an axe.” He also said, “During cross-examination, Park Soo-hong kicked his shin once because he did not say hello to his father whom he had not seen in a long time, but suddenly Park Soo-hong committed self-harm.” He added, “Afterwards, the article made it look as if he had been severely assaulted.”

Mr. Park and his wife ran an entertainment agency from 2011 to 2021 and are suspected of embezzling 1.9 billion won by falsely calculating labor costs and illegally using 1.17 billion won of agency funds for the purpose of purchasing real estate. He is also suspected of using 90 million won of agency funds without permission. Prosecutors suspect that Mr. Park and his wife used 90 million won on the agency’s credit card for purposes other than intended purposes. It is believed that a total of 6.17 billion won was arbitrarily used, including the unauthorized withdrawal of 2.9 billion won from Park Soo-hong’s account.

Park Soo-hong filed a complaint to the Seoul Western District Prosecutors’ Office in April last year, claiming that his brother’s side had embezzled his appearance fees. He agreed to split the profits 7:3 between his brother’s side and his personal agency, Rael and Media Boom Entertainment, but claimed that he only received a portion in the form of a salary from 2011 to June 2021.

Meanwhile, the next trial date is December 1st at 11:10 am.

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