“I get pregnant when I meet a woman”… Park Soo-hong’s parents turned against him, and even exposed his slush funds and women’s affairs.

The parents of comedian Park Soo-hong have even revealed his second son, Park Soo-hong, who is in conflict with his older brother, and his history with women.

Today (13th), the Seoul Western District Court’s Criminal Settlement Division메이저사이트 11 held the 8th trial for Park Soo-hong’s brother and his wife, who were indicted on charges of violating the Act on the Aggravated Punishment of Specific Economic Crimes (embezzlement).

At the trial on this day, Park Soo-hong’s father and mother both appeared as witnesses at the request of his brother and his wife. Among them, the mother is a person who made her face known to the public by appearing on SBS ‘ ‘My Little Old Boy’.

Park Soo-hong’s father, who had supported his eldest son from an early age, claimed that the money received from the entertainment agency run by his eldest son was “slush funds.”

In particular, he said about the purpose of using this slush fund, “Park Soo-hong likes women. When he goes out with a woman and breaks up, he buys her a car and gifts. So I gave him cash.”

He then revealed Park Soo-hong’s private life, saying, “I know only six women,” “If you meet a young woman, you’ll have a child,” and “He even took away the contraceptive device after having sex.”

Park Soo-hong’s mother said, “I really didn’t spend the money Park Soo-hong earned. I said, ‘Let’s never touch what comes to Soo-hong.'” She added, “I bought clothes with my appearance fee for ‘My Little Old Boy’ and even paid for the surgery last year with my own money. “I did it. I did not spend my children’s money,” he emphasized.

In addition, Park Soo-hong’s parents both resented his daughter-in-law, Kim Daye. In particular, Park Soo-hong’s mother expressed her anger in front of reporters, saying, “Her son was gaslighted by Kim Daye.”

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