Cho Min, the daughter of the motherland, indicted for ‘irregularities in the entrance examination’… The bag with the US flight

Cho Min, the daughter of former Justice Minister Cho Kook, who was indicted by the prosecution for irregularities in the entrance exam, announced her arrival at the San Francisco Airport in the United States, and expressed her position that she would not “avoid responsibility.” As Mr. Cho continued to communicate through social network service (SNS), daily issues were gathering attention, and when leaving the country, he certified a bag of the brand ‘Marhen J’ of domestic vegan fashion company RB&C, drawing attention .

On the 10th, Mr. Cho said on his personal SNS , “I will faithfully attend the trial” over the prosecution’s prosecution for corruption in the entrance exam, and said, “If there is something to be responsible for, I will humbly take responsibility.”

On this day, right before posting his statement메이저사이트, Cho posted a photo of himself holding a carrier in his hand at the San Francisco Airport in the United States. The silver bag captured in the photo is a popcorn bag small product of the domestic vegan fashion brand ‘Marhen J’ and is a new product released this year. The shoulder bag made of eco-friendly nylon is characterized by its shape that does not collapse even when a lot of things are put inside. It has an internal card storage pocket, a zipper closure, and an adjustable length, so you can carry it without burden on a light trip. The price listed on the official website is 139,000 won, but it is currently out of stock and reservations are being made.Marchen.J is a brand that gained word of mouth when it was first worn by First Lady Kim Kun-hee, wife of President Yoon Seok-yeol, on an overseas tour, and has been steadily growing its position as a vegan fashion brand since its launch in 2015. MARHEN.J is famous for making products with eco-friendly leather made from leftover apple peel powder used in jam and juice. During her trip to Japan in March, Ms. Kim drew attention by wearing a hazel bag from the 2022 Spring/Summer ( S/S ) collection ‘Marhen J’.While the prosecution indicted Mr. Cho, Mr. Cho has recently been communicating with fans through his personal SNS and YouTube channel, and all aspects of his daily life are becoming a hot topic. Earlier, in March, when Cho first appeared as a witness in a trial related to the cancellation of admission to the Pusan ​​National University School of Medicine (medical school), where he was the plaintiff, he picked up ‘Le Chiquito Moyen Mini Handbag’ from French fashion brand Jacquemus. Le Chiquito, which means ‘cute little boy’ in Spanish, emerged as a representative product of Jacquemus along with the mini bag craze. At the time of release, it was launched at a price of 1 million won , but is currently sold online for 500,000 to 800,000 won.

Jacquemus is a brand founded in 2009 by Simon Forte Jacquemus from Marseille, France. Since launching a women’s collection inspired by the clothes and emotions worn by the designer’s mother, Jacquemus has been growing into a brand that represents French minimalism. In 2018, it even released a men’s collection. It is emerging as a new product in Korea.

In Korea, Jacquemus opened an official store at Hyundai Department Store’s trade store in October with Samsung C&T (028260) Fashion Division, select shop 10 Corso Como in Cheongdam and Avenuel stores in Seoul, and Samsung C&T Fashion Division’s fashion and lifestyle specialty malls. It is developing business through SSF Shop and others.

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