Typhoon ‘Kanun’ crossed the truce line at 1 am… Metropolitan typhoon warning

Typhoon Kanun went up to North Korea at dawn today (11th) after penetrating the inland of Korea.

Typhoon warnings are still in place in the metropolitan area and Yeongseo, which are close to the typhoon.

Detailed typhoon situation, let’s connect reporters to find out.

Reporter Kim Dong-hyuk!


Typhoon ‘Kanun’ landed in Geoje, Gyeongsangnam-do, on the morning of yesterday (10th) and then penetrated the inland of Korea.

In the Yeongdong region, including Sokcho안전놀이터, Gangwon Province, extreme heavy rain of up to 91.3 mm per hour and 400 mm of water fell in one day alone.

A record strong wind of 34.9m per second was also observed on Gadeokdo Island in Busan.

Due to the northbound typhoon, damage continued in Yeongnam and the East Coast.

The typhoon that came closest to the metropolitan area around 10 o’clock last night went up to North Korea at dawn.

Having suffered friction with the land for a long time after landing, by the time it passed the metropolitan area, its power had already greatly weakened.

Initially, Typhoon ‘Kanun’ was expected to penetrate North Korea and cross the Korean Peninsula, but as the power rapidly weakens, it is expected to weaken to a tropical depression near Pyongyang around noon.

Although the typhoon has moved up to North Korea, a typhoon warning is still issued in the metropolitan area such as Seoul and Yeongseo.

Due to the influence of the remaining rain clouds, rain will continue until the morning in the central part of the metropolitan area and northern Gangwon.

In particular, in the central and coastal areas, strong winds of around 20m per second will blow until this morning in the aftermath of the typhoon north.

The Korea Meteorological Administration has warned that even if it has moved away from the typhoon, caution is still needed for safety accidents such as strong winds and swell waves until today.

So far, it has been reported by the news agency.

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