Park Soo-hong’s younger brother “Became an enemy with my older brother… Considered my younger brothers as targets for exploitation”

Broadcaster Park Soo-hong’s youngest brother attended the trial of the eldest brother Park and his wife, who were accused of embezzling Park Soo-hong’s appearance fees, etc. ” he complained.

Her younger brother, Mr. Park, claimed메이저사이트 that accounts in her and her wife’s names were used for her eldest brother’s embezzlement, and that she only found out after the lawsuit was initiated.

On the 9th, the 11th Division of Criminal Agreement of the Seoul Western District Court (Chief Judge Bae Seong-joong) held the 7th trial on charges of violating the Act on Aggravated Punishment, etc. of Specific Economic Crimes (embezzlement) of the eldest brother Park and his spouse.

Her younger brother, Mr. Park, revealed that when Mr. Park, his eldest brother, did not keep his promise to share her shares at the time of partnership with her, or because of a conflict of values, they did not get along.

He said, “Ever since I was little, my older brother and I had different values, so we didn’t get along very well.” After a year, I confirmed that it was not listed anywhere.”

He continued, “There were various conflicts as a result of that,” and “I left (the company) in 2010 because I didn’t want to see it anymore. not,” he said.

The younger brother, Mr. Park, said that a bank account was opened in his and his wife’s names, and salaries were being deposited at the wedding company run by his eldest brother, Park, but he only found out about the existence of the bank account after the recent lawsuit. He also claimed that the bankbook was used for embezzlement.

Park’s younger brother said, “It was in 2020 that I first saw an account opened in my name.”

He continued, “I guess his eldest brother created the account when he lent his ID to him when he was working at a wedding company.”

The eldest brother, Mr. and Mrs. Park, is accused of embezzling Park Soo-hong’s appearance fee amounting to 6.2 billion won while running two entertainment agencies such as Rael and Mediaboom for 10 years from 2011 to 2021.

Prosecutors said the eldest brother, Park, used 1.17 billion won for the purpose of purchasing real estate from 2011 to 2021, unauthorized use of other funds of 90 million won, use of an agency credit card of 90 million won, unauthorized withdrawal of the accuser’s personal account of 2.9 billion won, and salary remittance method using false employee registration. They are suspected of stealing 1.9 billion won.

The eldest brother, Park, was indicted while in custody, but was released on April 7 when the detention period expired, and is being tried without detention along with his wife.

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