Bill Gates unlicensed, Hugh Grant prostitution… Celebs who managed their facial expressions in mug shots

When former President Donald Trump’s ‘mug shot’메이저사이트 (a record photo of a criminal’s impression) was released on the 24th (local time), which was the first American leader ever photographed, the foreign media became famous for the mug shot. Introduced the case of famous people who have been through it together.

AFP said in a report that day, “Trump’s mug shot has risen to the ‘Villain Gallery’ of a gorgeous cast,” and “Trump’s mug shot, looking defiantly at the camera, is a true classic of the genre.”

AFP said, “This photo could be the most famous mug shot in history,” referring to criminal identification photos that have attracted public attention in the past.The first example AFP cited as an example was O . J. _ it’s simpson After being arrested for the murder of his ex-wife in 1994, the photos taken by the police have graced the covers of famous magazines such as Time magazine. He was acquitted in a criminal trial, but in a civil trial he was found guilty of the murder and was awarded a large amount of compensation. Actor Hugh Grant had a mugshot taken in 1995 after being accused of prostitution. His shoulders are bent and he is staring at the camera with a crooked posture.

‘Golf Emperor’ Tiger Woods took a mug shot for drunk driving in 2017. AFP explained that the facial expression was not good, such as a swollen face and half-closed eyelids .

Paris Hilton, an American socialite and heiress to the Hilton Group, was arrested for possession of cocaine in 2010. Her imposing demeanor and facial expression during her mug shot made headlines. He sells this picture on T-shirts and mugs.

In addition, Hollywood actor Nick Nolte, soul singer James Brown, actor and social activist Jane Fonda, US Democratic presidential candidate John Edwards, and fashion model Jeremy Meeks, AFP reported.

On the same day, the British daily Telegraph also explained, “In the United States, mugshots are part of the arrest ceremony, including the ‘puff walk’ (standing in the photo line), to show that rich and poor are equal before the law.” Listed famous examples.

When Bill Gates, the founder of Microsoft ( MS ), was caught driving without a license in 1977 when he was in his 20s, he took a police photo with a cheerful smile.

With this in mind, the Independent pointed out, “It’s a relaxed look similar to the mug shot of American gangster Al Capone in the 1920s.”

The Telegraph pointed out that rock musicians arrested on drug charges, such as David Bowie, Mick Jagger, and Jimi Hendrix, did not seem to be shaken up when taking mug shots. .

In addition, the Independent added that American civil activists Rosa Parks, Martin Luther King, and Bob Holderman, chief of staff to US President Richard Nixon at the time of the ‘Watergate’ incident, took mug shots.

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