“Domestic violence and sexual harassment of even her own daughter…” Wife stabbed husband with a weapon in the end

 A woman in her 40s who was handed over to trial for brandishing a weapon to her husband who sexually molested her daughter was sentenced to a suspended prison sentence.

The 11th Criminal Division of the Daegu District 메이저사이트Court (Chief Judge Lee Jong-gil) announced on the 25th that it sentenced Mr. A (46, female), who was charged with attempted murder, to two years in prison and three years of probation.

On June 23, at around 0:45 am, Mr. A stabbed both eyes of his sleeping husband, Mr. B, with a previously prepared weapon, and swung the weapon several times toward Mr. B, who was waking up and ran away. lost.

As a result of the investigation, Mr. A found out that his second daughter was molested by Mr. B a few days before the incident, and decided to kill Mr. B, thinking that he should isolate her daughters and Mr. B.

At the trial, Mr. A’s side said, “Her husband has been unemployed for 15 years and has been earning a living by himself.”

In her courtroom, Mr. A’s daughter pleaded for mercy with her tears, saying that she “didn’t want to be separated from her mother.”

The prosecution also sought a three-year imprisonment with a reduced sentence in consideration of Mr. A’s motive for the crime.

The judge said, “Even if the defendant’s crime was only an attempt, it needs to be severely punished.” I did,” he explained the reason for the sentencing.

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