A man in his 40s who was shocked by ‘cafe lewd behavior’… When the coverage began, he embroidered “Please be kind”

A man who entered a cafe that was occupied only by women in broad daylight and committed lewd acts.

He pretended to be looking at his cell phone when he felt메이저사이트 a presence, but smoked something else, but the shop’s CCTV recorded his actions for 4 hours and the crime became known.

[Mr. A/Café owner]
“I couldn’t think of anything, my stomach was so upset, and my hands and feet were shaking…”

The man, whose whereabouts were unknown even after the business owner reported it to the police two weeks ago right after the crime, was called to the police yesterday, one day after the MBC report. It was confirmed that he surrendered.

The Incheon Michuhol Police Station said that Mr. A, in his 40s, who had committed lewd behavior at the cafe, surrendered himself to the police yesterday.

It is known that Mr. A’s side is appealing for leniency, saying, “There was no bad intention.”

The man is accused of entering a cafe in Michuhol-gu, Incheon on the 10th and engaging in lewd behavior for 4 hours.

[Mr. A/Café owner]
“I was sitting and looking at my phone for a while, and I got a very strong feeling. So I just looked at the CCTV and thought, ‘What is it?’ , but he kept looking at me.”

The man left the scene only after an acquaintance called by the cafe owner entered the store.

The police have booked the man on charges of lewd performance, etc., and are investigating the details.

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