The executive who put 100 billion won into Optimus and hired his children belongs to KCA

It was found that the public institution belonging to메이저놀이터 the executive who was caught by the Financial Supervisory Service after investing more than 100 billion won of national money in the Optimus Fund and receiving employment benefits for his children in return was the Korea Communications Agency (KCA ) .

According to the results of the Seoul Economic Daily coverage, the executive of the public institution who received money and valuables was discovered in the additional inspection related to Lime, Optimus, and Discovery Asset Management announced by the Financial Supervisory Service on the 24th . The Financial Supervisory Service caught suspicion that Choi had received 10 million won from CEO A of Optimus Management while investing 106 billion won, or about 37% of the total fund, in the Optimus Fund from June 2017 to March 2018. Former general manager Choi even received a salary by having his children get a job at an implementation company headed by his CEO A.

Suspicions about former head Choi have been constantly raised in the state audit. In the 2020 National Assembly Science and Technology Information Broadcasting and Communications Committee (overdefense) comprehensive audit, former KCA director Seo Seok-jin explained this, saying, “The director of the division of work was not involved in individual investments, so he learned about the Optimus investment through the audit process.”

KCA has not yet given any specific answers to questions from Seoul Economic Daily reporters about their position on the results of the FSS investigation.

This prosecutor was formed by the Financial Supervisory Service at the end of January this year to investigate various suspicions about the Lime, Optimus, and Discovery incidents.TF )’. The Financial Supervisory Service announced that it had confirmed a large number of new illegal acts, such as blocking funds for specific personnel, embezzlement of fund funds, and pursuit of private interests by executives and employees, and notified the prosecution of these.

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