A 20-year-old vehicle ‘thumps’ with a drift…’○○ agreement’ and lightning strikes 

While waiting for a signal at an intersection at안전놀이터 a crossroads, a vehicle making a left turn in a hurry skidded and collided with the driver, who made a ‘traud agreement’ to receive the money later, but the story was revealed that he was not receiving the settlement money.

On the 13th, YouTube ‘Han Moon-cheol TV’ released a video titled ‘Stinger who couldn’t beat his own speed and came into the drift’ and advised, “Never settle for credit.”

The victim’s owner, Mr. A, reported that in June, while waiting for a signal at a crossroads intersection located in Geumneung-dong, Chungju-si, Chungcheongbuk-do, a vehicle making a left turn failed to overcome the speed and crashed into the front of his vehicle. In the released video, the red car made a left turn and then turned 180 degrees and crashed into Mr. A’s car as if drifting.

Mr. A’s vehicle repair cost could be repaired within the limit of the other vehicle’s liability insurance, but the settlement money had to be received separately because there was no driver’s insurance. Mr. A said, “The other party appraised that he could barely afford 400,000 won, told him to be careful while driving, and made an agreement.” “But the perpetrator is not sending the money. The accident caused a lot of damage to me, so what should I do?” Mr. A also said that the prosecution advised him, “It is better to agree because the fine is less than 1 million won.”

Attorney Moon-cheol Han said, “Don’t settle for credit. Few people keep the credit agreement,” he explained. “If you don’t want to be punished after an agreement, even if you don’t have comprehensive insurance, the case is over and if the other party doesn’t pay the settlement later, you have to settle it in a civil way.”

He then added, “You have to see that more than 95% of the trauma agreements are not received.”

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