3 years ago, as a businessman, I informed you of my current situation… Actor Lee Kyung-pyo passes away

Lee Kyung-pyo (61), an actor who starred in the popular 메이저사이트1990s rural drama ‘Love Caught in a Jujube Tree’, passed away on the 12th.

The deceased, from ‘Miss Chunhyang’, debuted as a talent in the 23rd class of Dongyang Broadcasting ( TBC ) in 1980, and worked at KBS after the merger of broadcasting companies.

The deceased played Park Hae-sook, the eldest daughter-in-law of Hwang Min-dal’s family in ‘Hwang Nol-bu’, in the rural drama ‘Love Caught in a Jujube Tree’, which was broadcast by KBS since 1990.

In addition , he appeared in KBS dramas ‘March of Youth’ (1983), ‘Detective 25:00’ (1986), ‘Land’ (1987), and ‘Jang Hee-bin’ (2002).

In the late 2000s, he left the entertainment industry, and in 2020, he appeared on a broadcast and told the current situation that he was doing business.

She is the wife of Park Jae-jeong, who was a member of the male folk duo Green Beans in the 1970s, and the daughter-in-law of composer Park Si-chun. As her survivors, she has a son, Park Chang-jo.

Her mortuary was set up at the funeral hall of Asan Hospital in Seoul.

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