30,000 teachers ahead of the National Assembly… “Immediate revision of child abuse related laws”

Protests sparked by the death of a teacher at Seoi Elementary School in Seocho-gu, Seoul continued for five weeks.

On the afternoon of the 19th, around 30,000 teachers, estimated by the organizers, gathered around the National Assembly building station in Yeongdeungpo-gu, Seoul, and held a ‘memorial rally calling for legislation on the National Assembly’.

Those who attended the rally, dressed in black and wearing black masks, attended the rally on the hot asphalt holding pickets reading “immediate revision of child abuse laws” and “finding the truth about the death of an unfair teacher.”

They sought to find out the truth about the메이저사이트 death of a Seoi-cho teacher and to revise laws to create a safe educational environment, such as laws related to child abuse, by the 4th of next month, when the deceased was 49 years old.

They emphasized, “The National Assembly held a standing committee on education two days ago to review the bill.” .

It also presented six specific demands to the education authorities.

△ Investigation of the unfair teacher death △ Revision of child abuse related laws by the 4th of next month △ Revision of related laws to create a safe educational environment △ Establishment of an effective civil complaint handling system △ Measures to separate students who violate teaching rights and guarantee the right to learn for many students △ Teachers, experts in education to hear the voices of the field.

Cho Hee-yeon, superintendent of Seoul Metropolitan Office of Education, and the heads of 11 Seoul education support offices also participated. He said, “Education offices and local governments have prepared various measures, but they are only after-the-fact measures.”

At the same time, he promised to prepare an efficient complaint handling system, take measures to ensure teacher education activities, and make efforts to secure a budget.

At the rally on this day, testimonies of parents’ abuse of power and damage they experienced on the frontlines of education continued.

A teacher who introduced himself as a blind special education teacher said, “I was sued for child abuse for guiding a runaway student, and the case was closed with a settlement of 25 million won.” I live with the fear that it will lead to something else,” he said.

An elementary school teacher in Gyeonggi-do said, “When my daughter sometimes says that she wants to become a teacher when she grows up, my wife and I are heartbroken.” One student stepped up to the podium and emphasized, “Violating teachers’ rights is directly related to violating students’ right to learn.”

On this day, 803 principals of elementary, middle and high schools nationwide also issued a statement saying, “The school principal will take the lead in communicating with parents to create a school culture of mutual trust and respect.” said  

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