Yoo Do-hoon, former director of Gas Corporation “Unacceptable reason for contract termination… Response Consideration”

Former manager Yoo Do-hoon (56), who laid down the baton of Daegu Korea Gas Corporation, announced the reason for the contract termination and the response to the notice.먹튀검증

On the 4th, former director Yoo distributed his statement to each media outlet. First, he said, “I did my best as the coach of the Gas Corporation’s basketball team for the past two years, but as the club notified the contract termination on the 1st, I was unable to complete the contract period and resigned.” “I sincerely apologize to the fans who supported the basketball team.” He bowed his head.

However, he expressed his position that he could not understand the reason for the termination of the contract with Gas Corporation. He said, “Ahead of the preparation for the season, the company recently notified me of the unilateral termination of the contract. He gave an absolutely unacceptable reason for termination, as well as seriously damaging my reputation. We plan to decide after careful consideration how to respond to the company’s reason for contract termination and notification.”

Former manager Yoo was sacked with one year remaining on his contract with KOGAS. If the manager is fired without any special reason, the club must pay wages for the remaining contract period. However, KOGAS announced the termination of the contract with Yu Jeon without reaching an agreement on this matter.

In response, it seems that former director Yoo announced a statement announcing a legal response to the unilateral notice of dismissal from KOGAS. He emphasized, “I will think carefully about the suspicions and situations raised so far and deal with them so that I will not be ashamed of my life as a basketball player for the past 30 years.”

There are roughly two reasons why KOGAS decided to terminate the contract with the oilfield supervisor. The first is lack of performance and team management. In addition, it is known that another reason is that coach Yoo Jeon, who participated as an interviewer at the time of the appointment of the basketball team executives who were criticized for intertwining school ties with regionalism, also judged that he was not free from such closeness. It is expected that there will be a truth battle surrounding this in the future.

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