Juventus communicates its intention to withdraw from the Super League… Real-Barça Bay Remains

Even Juventus FC is leaving the Super League. 

Juventus announced on its official website on the 7th, “Our club is conveying its intention to withdraw from the European Super League project.스포츠토토

In 2021, 12 big clubs including Real Madrid, FC Barcelona, ​​Atletico Madrid, Liverpool FC, Manchester City FC, Manchester United FC, Arsenal FC, Chelsea FC, Tottenham Hotspur FC, Juventus FC, AC Milan, and Inter Milan competed in the European Super League. formed The intention was to create a league that maximizes profitability by exiting the European Football Federation (UEFA).

However, this played a role in ruining the grassroots football in each city, and the fans of the team as well as the fans of the 12 teams opposed it. Governments such as the UK also stepped in, and eventually this was abolished. 

Even with almost all teams leaving, Real-Barsa-Juventus remained and pursued the future, but Juventus has now withdrawn from the group. As a result, the European Super League project also seems to come to a complete end. 

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