“Without giving up silently…” Park Eun-seon’s heavy echo of the returning genius, ‘goal taste for the first time in 9 years’

“If you work hard and don’t give up…”

It took seven years to put the Taegeuk mark on it again. It took 9 years to restart the scorer in A match. ‘Returned Genius’ Park Eun-seon (37, Seoul City Hall) calmly uttered words of warm consolation to herself 20 years ago and to the juniors walking the path now.

Park Eun-sun was a talent representing Korean women’s soccer. She led Korea’s offense with her overwhelming 1m82 height, killer instinct, and excellent positioning skills. He first got on her A-varsity team in 2003 when she was in high school. Even before her debut, she was a ‘sensation’. He scored four goals in the group A match of the Asian Football Confederation (AFC) Women’s Championship against Hong Kong, leading to an 8-0 victory. He scored 17 goals in 34 of her A matches.

There were ups and downs. Park Eun-sun has not been on her A-team since the 2015 World Cup in Canada. Her national team career seemed to be over as she was. It wasn’t. Director Colin Bell called Park Eun-sun. In June 2022, she made a surprise selection ahead of an away game in Canada. He slowly melted into the team. And on the 7th, she started her dream goal in the first leg of a friendly match against Zambia at Suwon World Cup Stadium. It was the first goal in about 9 years since the Asian Cup semifinal match against Australia in May 2014. She was also the oldest female scorer. Park Eun-seon, riding her atmosphere, also saw ‘goal taste’ in her second match against Zambia held on the 11th. She broke the record for the oldest scorer in Korean women’s football at 36 years and 107 days.

After the game, Park Eun-seon said, “I really like soccer. I thought about giving up because it was difficult, but there were so many people around me who helped me.” He said, “If you work hard silently and don’t give up, you can get as much results as you did. The more you play soccer, the more difficult it is. All sports are the same. I hope it kicks in. I did too. If you enjoy it when it’s hard, you get something about football.”

He is now pursuing another dream. The Australia-New Zealand World Cup is just around 100 days away. Park Eun-seon participated in the 2003 U.S. and 2015 Canadian tournaments, but he never scored a goal. He said, “I have a desire to go to the World Cup and score a goal. It was regrettable that I couldn’t do that every time. promised

Expectations are high. Coach Bell said,메이저사이트 “When I first selected Park Eun-seon, I said, ‘I want 15 to 20 minutes.’ I want to protect and cherish it like a ‘flower in a greenhouse’ until the World Cup, and then send it out.” Lee Geum-min (Brighton), who played together, also said, “I didn’t have many opportunities to play with (Park) Eun-seon in Korea.

Park Eun-sun said, “All the national team players and staff are preparing hard for the World Cup. As the coach always says, we are doing a lot of high-intensity training. We will prepare hard to show that we do not lose easily in the World Cup.”

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